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The Blue Lagoon | Disneyland Paris

What an experience!

I was lucky enough to spend a weekend in Disneyland Paris with my family last weekend and I had an amazing time. You can never be too grown up for Disney! I love the magic, atmosphere, and of course the rides! As a special treat we took a dining experience in The Blue Lagoon restaurant.

I say 'dining experience' because The Blue Lagoon is not your ordinary restaurant! It is situated in Adventure Land in Disneyland Paris' Magical Kingdom in amongst palm trees and exotic plants. The Blue Lagoon restaurant is based on the film The Pirates of the Caribbean, and is located next to 'The Pirates of the Caribbean' ride - which actually allows you to see into the restaurant!

The Blue Lagoon's interior is breath-taking! As I stepped into the restaurant I could see tables and chairs made out of bamboo and wood, placed on what was made to look like cabin decks, all covered in knotted rope and glowing lanterns. Jungle flora covered the restaurant and it felt as if we were abroad which provided such an exotic and warming atmophere. The music and humidity fitted with the theme too. and I felt transported to an island in the Caribbean.

The menu was very exciting! All the dishes were Caribbean cuisine and very flavoursome. I wouldn't recommend this restaurant to anyone who doesn't like to try new flavours, or prefers bland meals as there is little choice for you, but for a lover of trying new things it was perfect for me! We decided to pick off the set menu and opted for a starter, main and dessert. I chose a fish and shellfish soup to start accompanied with curried bread, for my main I chose Caribbean Chicken Columbo with wild rice and roasted plantain (which I had never tried before and loved!), and for dessert I treated myself to a Vanilla Bean FlambĂ© which was amazing! My food tasted exquisite with an abundance of flavours that I had never tried before, and my family thoroughly enjoyed their meals too!

I would really recommend experiencing a Disney restaurant because they are amazing! The atmosphere is magical, and it leaves you with some very special memories. On my last trip to Disneyland Paris I dined at the Bistrot Chez Remy, and you can check out that blog post here. Overal it was such a lovely experience that I was so lucky to share with my family.

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