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Happy Birthday Lily Rose!

''Go Shawty, It's your birthday!
We gon ' party like it's yo birthday!''

Today I am celebrating 2 years of my beautiful blog Lily Rose! I cannot believe it has been two whole years, the phrase time flies when you're having fun has never been so true. When I first started my blog I never imagined how much I would enjoy it. It has become a massive part of my life and has changed me as a person. If someone told me to describe myself I would definitely mention the fact that I'm a blogger as it's my creation and my small area online which I love. In this post I'm going to talk about my second year of blogging, and what opportunities, blog posts and events have occurred during the year 2015/2016... P.S. I made the cake in the picture above and let's say I was very happy with the outcome😊!

Over my time blogging I have made some lovely friends and have been welcomed into the blogging community. I have enjoyed partaking in many blog collaborations with other bloggers, and I also love taking part in twitter blog chats (if I can find the time!) It's great to talk to other people with similar interests with you, and whom share a passion for blogging!

Part of blogging is working with companies and I have enjoyed forming relationships with many this year. I feel very proud whenever I am contacted by a company whom have an interest in my blog and feel I would represent their products and service in a wonderful way. This year I formed a relationship with the beautiful (and very sassy) Coconut Lane, who welcomed me as a #coconutqueen and I have enjoyed working with them for some time now!

My favourite part of blogging is the ability to create your very own content on the internet for other people to read and enjoy. My favourite blog posts to write are certainly lifestyle or 'My Life' posts because I love the idea of documenting my life in a diary-like format so that I can look back in years to come at amazing moments in my life.

2016 saw the arrival of a new blog layout, more of a brand image, and better photography. I must admit that the beginning of this year wasn't the most exciting over here on Lily Rose because I had a break from blogging due to stressful A level examinations (dun dun dunnn!) Although, I was very relieved once they were over, and I had a sudden burst of motivation to make Lily Rose the very best it can be. I rebooted the schedule and planned exciting blog posts for my readers. I also became much more active on social media and even started YouTube! My YouTube channel started 2 weeks ago and is very much a work in progress and is in very early days. I have set myself a goal to upload every Sunday at 7pm and I've had very positive feedback so far. As a media studies student video editing has always been a love of mine, but for a while I didn't have the confidence or equipment to start. I have finally bitten the bullet and taken the leap, and I'm excited to see how it goes! YouTube has allowed me to give my readers another way of enjoying my content.

I feel as if I'm just a step into my blogging journey and I'm enjoying every moment. Lily Rose is only a small blog but people say 'The key to success is hard work and dedication', and this is definitely a saying I live by. To mark 2 years of Lily Rose, I will share with you a few blog stats as of now...

Total Pageviews: 24,150
Number of blog comments: 235
Sphere of influence: UK, USA, Russia, France, Ireland, Germany, Ukraine, Portugal, Australia and Netherlands hold the most of my readers.
Instagram Followers: 778
Bloglovin Followers: 106
Twitter Followers: 510
Pinterest Followers: 186
YouTube Subscribers: 14

This year has flown by, and my blogging journey has been filled with lots of travel, restaurant meals, days out, beauty reviews, interviews with other bloggers, fashion news and much much more. I have enjoyed every minute and I cannot wait for another year!


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