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Protect Yourself with Hawaiian Tropic

The sun has finally come out (well sort of), and that means that it is time to prepare and protect our skin from the sun. It is so important to wear sun cream in the summer to protect your skin from UV rays and to prevent problems such as burning, ageing and skin cancer; but the stickiness and creaminess is very disgusting. I hate the feeling when you are at the beach and all the sand sticks to your body all because of the thick, white sun cream that you have applied as sun protection. I am happy to say that I have found a solution! Hawaiian Tropic have created these two products below that have made sun protection glamourous! A beautiful dry body oil and a lip gloss.

Coconut & Guava Dry Oil (SPF 15)

This beautiful dry oil is a summer beauty essential! The formula doesn't leave your skin feeling oily, creamy or sticky; but leaves a beautiful hydrated shine. The oil doesn't leave any marks on your skin, and is absorbed rather quickly. The aroma is sensational, and transports me to an exotic island where I am sipping Pina Coladas and soaking in the sunshine. The SPF is only 15 but they do offer the product with a higher SPF too. Personally I cover my body in the morning with an SPF 50 sun cream and then take this dry oil with me to apply during the day.

Island Berry Lip Gloss (SPF 25)

Lot's of people apply sun cream and understand that they must cover their body from the sun, but how many people protect their lips? It is super important to keep your lips protected and moisturised during summer too. This fruity lip gloss is the answer. The formula is gel-like and feels very moisturising on your lips, and it also adds a cheeky bit of lip colour too (added bonus)! This lip gloss is also an SPF 25 which is perfect to protect you from the UV rays. Similarly to the dry oil, the product is a summer essential, and the size of each of these products makes them practical for travel.

How do you usually stay protected during summer?



  1. I love this, I always use oils in the summer which contain SPF so this may be worth me trying out!!X

    1. Thank you! I agree with you. I much prefer using oils than sun creams xx


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