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The Drawing Room | Locksbottom

Situated in the hustle and bustle of Locksbottom is this lovely little gem; The Drawing Room. The Drawing Room is a quaint and quirky café which my friends and I decided to try out on a spontaneous lunch trip last friday. It was such a lovely little place so I decided to share it with you.

The interior is antique and quaint as there is an abundance of paintings hung upon the walls, with a mix match of chairs, tables and cushions. The atmosphere is comforting, friendly, and very inviting. Upon many shelves around the café are beautiful tea cups and saucers - so cute!

The menu was typical of a café but it had a few extra special toasties and sandwiches on offer which was lovely. I ordered a latte and opted for a goats cheese, roasted pepper and spinach toastie on granary bread with a side salad. I didn't really fancy anything meaty so I decided on this vegetarian option, and it was delicious! My friend and I then spotted the homemade cakes on the till counter and they looked fantastic - we just had to eat some! I was spoiled for choice but decided on a slab of classic victoria sponge cake (you just can't go wrong!), and I was very (very) happy with my choice.

Overall it's a lovely little café and I would recommend popping in for a light lunch or coffee and cake if you are ever in the area!



  1. I adore cute, quirky and little cafes and this one just looks super cute!


    1. Thank you! I totally agree, I love discovering new places to have lunch or coffee! xx


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