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A Little Day in Brighton

Last Thursday my family and I took a spontaneous trip to Brighton for the day; me, my auntie and my sister. We headed off relatively late but arrived in Brighton around lunchtime. We started to walk along the promenade into the town centre. As it was about 12.30/1ish we looked for somewhere to have lunch, and as my sister and I really fancied pasta we decided upon Jamie's Italian.

Jamie's Italian is always a favourite of mine and my meal was lovely. I ordered the Spaghetti Ragu for my main and The Refresher as my drink (my love for mocktails continues). We also ordered a bowl of Polenta Fries to share because what trip to Jamie's Italian would be complete without the polenta chips? - they're amazing!

After being filled up with food we headed out into Brighton streets for a little bit of retail therapy. We started strolling through the lanes with small independent shops selling craft items, accessories, household items and many more (anything and everything really!) After walking through the lanes of shops we headed into the shopping centre. We looked in all the stores and made a few lovely purchases. I made a few great purchases, my favourite being a beautiful bikini top from River Island in the sale for only £10!

We stopped off for a little pick me up at Costa before heading out into the shops again. Once the shops had closed we started to make our way back along the coastline. The promenade while the sun was setting looked beautiful and created the perfect opportunity to take photos and vlog. We walked past the Brighton 360 which looked great and I'd certainly like to experience that at some point! The promenade was still full of life as skaters and hula hoopers did their thing next to the park, and as two couples ballroom danced in the bandstand.

After making our way back to the car we stopped off at Woody's diner for a drink before we headed on our journey back home. Woody's is an American diner just on the way out of Brighton. They serve all sorts of American cuisine but we decided to just grab a drink to takeaway. I ordered a lemonade float which was delicious, and my sister ordered a milkshake! We drank the drinks in the car on the way home from a lovely day in Brighton.

Have you been to Brighton?



  1. Looks absolutely lovely! Brighton is definitely one place to visit when I finally make my way to England. It's so cool that they had an American diner there. Looks like you had a great day trip :) Great post!


    1. You definitely should go to Brighton - it's lovely! The American diner was really cool and I had an amazing time thank you! Thank you for commenting! xxx


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