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All Star Lanes | Brick Lane

My friends and I headed up to Brick Lane, London on Tuesday a.k.a the most miserable and rainy day of summer so far! Whilst walking through the lanes we were quickly becoming drenched so we decided to take cover at All Star Lanes. I have been once to the lanes at Westfield Stratford, but my friends had never been before so we were excited to have a go at bowling.

All Star Lanes offers a new bowling experience in a classic American style. Rock n Roll music is pumped through speakers and the themed interior looks fantastic. The food on offer is lovely with options such as waffles, pancakes, chicken nibbles, cocktails, milkshakes, alcoholic beverages and much more. Overall I would say that All Star Lanes provides high class bowling!

My friends and I arrived looking like drowned rats, but we were happy to take down our umbrellas and take off our soggy coats and jumpers. All Star Lanes at Brick Lane offers bowling, private lanes, karaoke booths, a restaurant and a bar. We decided to just do bowling for now so we opted for Lane 4 for two games (for the special price of £10 each!). We grabbed our ''super sexy'' bowling shoes and started the game. I must admit I am definitely not the best at bowling but I do enjoy it! My friends though are very good and we had a great time!

Once bowling was over we headed over to the bar seating area to have some drinks to wait for the rain to blow over outside. I opted for a lemonade vanilla float and it was delicious. I must admit the service wasn't that great at the bar, but I think they were understaffed on that day. After finishing my float we returned our bowling shoes and headed out into Brick Lane.

I had a lovely experience at All Star Lanes and I'd love to return again, perhaps to the Westfield Stratford alley with more of my friends.

Have you ever been to All Star Lanes?



  1. I wouldn't mind visiting this bowling alley. It doesn't look like your normal one any (flashing disco lights and 'cringy' music. I also LOVE that they serve floats, probably my favourite american styled drink!

    Tabitha x //

    1. Yeah totally agree! Bowling can be really unpleasant and tacky, but this American style is fantastic, and the floats are a must! xx


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