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Babe, Just Relax!

I'm currently writing this post whilst listening to chilled music and swinging in a hammock in the beaaaautiful Loire Valley sunshine (36°C at the moment!). Let's just say I'm feeling very relaxed and this is what has triggered me to write his post. As an A Level student, the past year has been very busy for me and at some times highly stressful, and now I have to do it all again for my second year (peak for me!). I believe that all of us carry stress and worries a lot of the time, and many of us are constantly too busy to enjoy the small things in life or moments of relaxation. I decided to write this post to highlight to you the importance of taking time out for yourself and your loved ones.

The definition of relaxation is a feeling of refreshing tranquillity and an absence of tension and worry.

I think that it's important to have a get away. I understand that not everyone can afford to go on holiday every year but when offered the opportunity for a holiday - seize it! Perhaps save up for mini break abroad or in your own country, or take a few days off from work to have a long weekend relaxing and going out for days at home? It's so important to have fun and to live your life rather than working away your years with stress and worries.

I don't mean that you should quit your job now and jet off to Australia to live the ''simple life'' in the outback with the kangaroos and wallabies, but I would recommend that you take a few hours or minutes to chill out and recharge your batteries each and every day. Below I have listed a few quick and simple ways that you could relax during day-to-day life. 

Coffee and cake meet up with friends
A walk in the woods or through a park
Listen to chilled out music
Sip some green tea
Go for a run or go to the gym
Treat yourself to some flowers
Plan a vacation
Read a book
Get arty
Treat yourself to some chocolate (go on!)
Be alone for a while
Get organised
Dance (to Beyoncé single ladies😉)
Take a quick nap
Paint your nails
Light some candles
Go for a swim
Pamper yourself
A night in with films and snacks
Tidy your bedroom
Sunbathe (but keep sun protected)
Have a massage
Bake a cake

Stress can lead to you becoming moody and frustrated, as well as feeling overwhelmed with low self-esteem and ultimately avoiding other people. Physical symptoms can include headaches, upset stomach, insomnia, loss of appetite and muscle pains. The most worrying of all are the long-term affects of stress - depression, cardiovascular problems, eating disorders, menstrual problems, and skin problems like acne and eczema. All of these can be avoided by trying to relax to lead a happy life!

So overall RELAX! Take some time out for yourself and enjoy life. Try not to stress or bottle up worries because life is too short!

Relax. Refresh. Revive.



  1. Lovely list. I love going for runs and baking :') Xx Beth -

    1. I love baking so much! It's so therapeutic and you can eat the yummy things you've made afterwards - win, win! xx

  2. I'm cherishing every day I have off work at the moment as I'll soon be moving away to uni and that is a whole stress in itself. I love your list and will definitely put a few on my to-do list before I leave. I also want to make sure I have my chill days at uni as I don't want to get into a stress fit because I have lots of coursework.

    Tabitha |

    1. How exciting! Yes definitely do not stress! Just take small minutes out of your day, you'll feel so much better for it xx

  3. I love this! You listed everything i do when I'm stressed! Definitely going to go grabs a coffee and slice of chocolate cake very soon too ☺️

    1. Haha! Thank you! Oooh a coffee and slice of cake sounds amazing right now - can I join you? xx

  4. Great list of things to do when relaxing! That cake looks amazing xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thank you! It's a Reese's peanut butter cake! You can check out the recipe on my recipes section of my blog if you'd like to. I would definitely recommend it! xx


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