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The Coconut Collaborative

I have so much love for anything that smells or tastes like coconut; and these yogurt have quickly become one of my favourite breakfast treats.

The Coconut Collaborative is a company that creates deliciously creamy yogurts from coconut milk. Not only are these yogurts a delicious treat; they are also free from dairy, gluten, soya and artificial sugars! The yogurt contains live cultures and coconut water which gives it the health benefits and delicious taste!

My auntie bought some to try from Waitrose a few days ago in the flavours raspberry and blueberry, and they are both super sweet and tasty. I am also in love with the packaging which looks so organic and natural. The packaging also explains the health benefits and power of coconuts which is amazing!

They also express their mission on their packaging which is to plant more coconut trees across the planet, but also to help and support farmers and charities across the globe.

I must admit this yogurt isn't low in calories, but it certainly packs a health punch! There are not many other dairy free yogurts that are this delicious!

Have you tried these yogurts before?



  1. Wow, I've been keeping an eye on the ice cream one after spotting it, I cant eat normal ice cream due to the dairy but these look crazy good, defo going to give them a try!

    1. I would definitely recommend these! They taste amazing!! xx


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