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The Minimalist Necklace

I am a huge lover of dainty and minimalist jewellery. The brand Orelia create the most beautiful and simple jewellery pieces but I find that they can be quite expensive so I rarely make purchases. Although on a recent visit to Whitstable, Kent I came across this beautiful necklace in the sale in the boutique Noa Noa and I couldn't resist it!

The necklace is a simple V design in a beautiful rose gold colour. This item would work perfectly with most outfits and could be worn for day-to-day use or in the evenings. This pendant is great quality and I would happily purchase more necklaces like it.

How do I style this pendant?

I love wearing this necklace with a simple round neck or low cut t-shirt, shirt, blouse or dress, and recently I have worn it a few times with my burgundy lace romper because it works amazingly with the neckline. The rose gold colour means that it goes with pretty much anything (amazing!) In addition, why not pair it with similar necklaces, even in silver and gold colours, to create a layered jewellery effect.

Do you own any Orelia jewellery?



  1. This is such a cute dainty necklace. I'm on the hunt for a pretty necklace that I can wear almost every day and this one is just perfect, I may just look at the brand and see if I want to treat myself

    Tabitha |

  2. It's beautiful isn't it! This necklace is just perfect for everyday use! Go on treat yourself! Lily xx


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