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The 'No Dent' Hair Tie | Popband London

I've found the perfect gym hair tie thanks to the amazing brand Popband London.

I hate having to tie back my hair at the gym and then having massive kink after you've taken it out! Popband London create brilliant bobbles that hold your hair in tight but their soft and stretchy design doesn't leave a dent in your hair. These fabric also means that they are comfortable to wear and don't easily break. I leave a few in my gym bag to use each time I go but their comfortable nature means that they are great to wear to bed too! Furthermore not only are they amazing for bed or the gym, but for them times when you washed and dried your hair before doing your makeup and you want to tie your hair back out of your face without getting a kink - this hair tie would be perfect!

I must admit I wouldn't wear the hair ties for day-to-day use because I think that their design with a large gold logo don't make them very appealing as I prefer more thin and natural bobbles for ponytails or buns, although they do offer other designs and colours which are cute.

Overall it's just a cute and practical hair tie that I love! Have you ever tried a Popband?


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