Monday, 29 August 2016

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hi everyone! Last week I was nominated by the beautiful Kimberley, from Kimberley Jessica, to complete The Versatile Blogger Award Tag. In this post I will share with you 7 facts about me and I will nominate other bloggers to get involved and complete the tag as well! I find tags like this so much fun to complete and I love getting to know other people! So without further adieu here are 7 facts about me...

1. I am music obsessed! The first thing I do every morning is put on my Spotify and blast some tunes. It instantly wakes me up and boosts my mood! I listen to music across all genres; literally anything! From Skepta, to Arctic Monkeys, to Martin Garrix and some old school R&B - I love it all!

2. London is my favourite city, and I'm so happy that I live in it. There are always events and things going on, and there are so many places to explore!

3. I'm currently studying my A Levels (French, Geography, Media Studies and World Development) and I will soon be applying to take on a Marketing course at University.

4. I love to drink lemon water and green tea! It's great for detoxing and I find both tastes so healthy and refreshing (even if the green tea taste takes a bit of getting used to...)

5. In my free time I watch loads of comedy series such as The Inbetweeners, Friends, How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family.

6. My wardrobe consists of mostly of dark shades...

7. I'm a positive person! I love to be optimistic and I try to keep an upbeat attitude most of the time!

I actually found it quite difficult to come up with these facts (haha!) but I hope you enjoyed reading them! I love finding new blogs that I love and below I have tagged 3 that I love to read and I recommend that you check them out! I tag all these bloggers to complete this tag too - I can't wait to read your facts!

Charlotte - Scarlet Slippers

Lexi - Lexi The Newt

Jay - Blissful Beauty Bird



  1. Thank you for tagging me, lovely! I love reading more about the person behind the blog. These types of tags are always so much fun! I loooovvve me some Arctic Monkeys - Alex Turner.. Yes please! I'm looking forward to traveling around the UK at some point and London is DEFINITELY a place to go. Positive people are the best! I feel like I'm a pretty positive and bubbly person myself. :) It was so nice getting to know more about you! Great post!


    1. That's ok! Alex Turner is AMAZING! Yes, come to London!! I can't wait to read your post! xx


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