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Being Organised with Mason Jars | AD

I confess that I should I say it...not the tidiest person I know. As much as I love the idea of being organised, neat and tidy like the amazing bedrooms splattered across Pinterest, I tend to be too lazy and messy. On the contrary I would like to share with you a great method to keep you're little bits and bobs tidy. But first, if you are someone like myself who tends to have too many clothes, makeup or just 'stuff', and if you are one of my American readers, MakeSpace may be exactly what you need! MakeSpace come to your house with some nice green bins, take the items you want stored away, pack it all up for you, and bring them back when you are ready! So maybe you wanted to store away you're summer clothes for next year, or if you're heading off to university, then this app would be great! As I don't live in the USA and therefore cannot use MakeSpace,  I have to create new ways of staying organised, and one of the ways I keep my makeup and beauty bits organised is by using mason jars.

Mason jars as organisers are all over Pinterest at the moment and I love the simplicity of using them! I bought myself some clear glass mason jar mugs and I've placed them on top of my fireplace in my bedroom. I use the jars to keep lots of my beauty bits and bobs together, and my favourite items to keep organised into these jars are cotton pads, makeup brushes and nail varnishes.

The benefits of using mason jars are..
. They're not expensive
. They look cool and fancy
. They keep your beauty items together
. You can see the items inside them clearly
. They're don't take up too much space
. You can put pretty much anything you like inside them

As you can see there are loads of benefits of using mason jars and I would certainly recommend them to anyone who is struggling to find ways of organising their makeup. They look great positioned on a dressing table or desk, and you can even jazz them up with some ribbons or by painting them different colours!

Do you have any organisation tips?



  1. I love mason jars, I love having my smoothies and even just iced water in them! I also use them for my makeup brushes they're so cute!!X

    1. Yes they're so versatile! You can get creative as they have lots of uses!

  2. Glad to know I'm not the only one who love mason jars as decoration! I put all my nail polish into the mason jars also! It's just so cute and it fits in so perfectly on my dresser! Lovely post!💗💗🌸🌸🌸🌸

    1. Nail varnishes always look great in mason jars! They look super cute. Thank you xx


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