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Two Weeks in Loire Valley

Bienvenue to my little post all about my two weeks spent in the beauuuuutiful Loire Valley! My family and I went to Loire Valley last year, and we loved it so much that we decided to return again this year. I have spent these two weeks relaxing, unwinding under the sun, and spending time with my wonderful family. We have been out for days, lounging around the pool, out for walks and bike rides, and just having a lovely time.

So here's what I've been up to over the last two weeks...

La Belardiere

La Belardiere is beautiful! It's so idyllic and rustic. The building that we've been staying in used to be a barn on a working farm, but the owners have turned it into a lovely home. The site we are staying on has a swimming pool, games area, bikes for free hire, a woodland area, sheep, chickens and a goat, huts and hammocks, and of course beautiful views! The owners of La Belardiere are so friendly and welcoming, and have made our time staying here wonderful!

Walks and Bike Rides

When surrounded by a beautiful landscape with fields full of sweetcorn and sunflowers, and a river flowing through it, it's always lovely to go on walks and bike rides. We went for lovely walks through the countryside and woodland, and we hired bikes to cycle down to the River Creuse.


Where there's a pool, I'm there! I hardly ever go swimming when I'm at home so when I'm on holiday it's lovely to spend time around the pool. Going for morning swims or swims in the afternoon to cool off were amazing! During this holiday my little sister (aged 4) learnt to swim too!


We spent a day in the beautiful town of Amboise. Whilst the sun shone down on us, we walked through little winding streets and looked in the little shops and boutiques. We continued to head up the hill, past the castle, to Le Clos Luce. Le Clos Luce is the beautiful home and gardens of Leonard de Vinci, where he stayed for the last three years of his life. Le Clos Luce is very interesting and the gardens are beautiful.


Descartes is the town that was nearest to the barn we were staying in. The town is very pretty with a lovely bridge over the River Creuse. There are not that many shops in Descartes but we walked through a beautiful garden and along the river. We also stopped off at a boulangerie to buy deux baguettes.


Chinon is the beautiful French village that looks a lot like something from Harry Potter. The streets were quaint and rustic with a piano instrumental being heard through the shutters of a pretty house. The we walked up to the castle to see the view over the town, and then walked down to the town square to eat our lunch. We finished our visit with a walk over the bridge and along the river.


My favourite of the French villages was Azay-le-Rideau. This town resembles the town of Arendale from Disney's Frozen with beautiful little buildings, and flags hung across streets. We stopped off to look is some super cute boutiques and bought more baguettes from a boulangerie! We decided to look inside the castle situated at the top of Azay-le-Rideau. This castle was beautiful and the gardens surrounding it were beautiful too! Before heading back through the town we had an ice cream from one of the cafes there - and in 32 degrees Celsius heat it was much appreciated!


The closest city to where we were staying is Tours. This city was lovely and reminded me very much of Paris (but not as wonderful). The high street was filled with shops and stores, but we continued to walk into the old town area. We found a lovely square full of cafes and we decided to sit down and have lunch in a creperie! I ordered a café crème et une omelette avec fromage et jambon. My lunch was delicious and it was a lovely setting. After lunch we had a little shop and then stopped off for an ice cream!


My favourite day of the holiday; Futuroscope. Futuroscope is a French theme park, but one very different from any I'd been to before. Futuroscope is more of a relaxing theme park experience. It doesn't have rides or rollercoasters as such, but it provides amazing 3D and 4D experiences. My favourite attraction was the Martin Solveig Dance with Robots where you are thrown about in a 'robot' to Martin Solveig remixes! The park was very cute with water features and bean bags all across the park for relaxation! I would definitely recommend a visit to this park if you ever get the chance! My little sister's loved it too.

Overall I had a wonderful time in Loire Valley. I had a lovely break and time away to relax and rejuvenate before starting back to Year 13! There is always something so relaxing about being in the countryside but I am looking forward to seeing my friends and family back at home, to being back in London, and being linked to good wifi!



  1. How beautiful! It looked like you had such a great time there. All the places you visited looked like they came out of a fairy tale! Absolutely beautiful. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Great post.


    1. Thank you! Yes they all look like they did! xx

  2. You have captured some beautiful photos. I have never been to any of those places but they look like such wonderful places to visit. Looks like you had a great time and that futuroscope theme park looks so unique and fascinating!

    Tabitha x

    1. Thank you! All the places I visited were beautiful and I would definitely recommend that you visit them - especially Futuroscope! xx


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