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When I Wear Lipstick I Feel More Confident | AD

These lipsticks are the most amazing lip products ever to arrive on my doorstep. RealHer have created an amazingly moisturizing lipstick that not only makes you look pretty fabulous, but also makes you and many other women across the globe feel pretty fabulous on the inside too!

RealHer lipsticks have a beautiful formula that gives a bold satin finish whilst also moisturizing your lips. The formula is lovely to apply and looks amazing. The packaging is classy and sophisticated, and so it looks great with your lipstick collection. One of the most amazing things about these lipsticks is their wonderful names. The names are so inspiring towards women and hold such lovely positive messages. The 5 shades below are wonderful colours and their collection is amazing.

These 5 shades are as follows...

1. I Define Beauty Myself
2. Be Yourself Be RealHer
3. Women Rule The World
4. I Love Myself
5. I Am Powerful

All these shades are beautiful and versatile. I love the lighter shades for day-to-day use and now it's Autumn I am so excited to wear the darker berry shades!

The most amazing thing about RealHer is their aim to empower women and, as their tag line states, they're more than just a makeup brand, they're a movement! Women in modern society are often upset and unhappy with themselves or their bodies, but RealHer aim to change this. Although makeup is often mistaken as a way of disguise, I see makeup as a way of empowering women and feeling more beautiful and confident. RealHer also donates 20% of their gross profits to the American Association of University Women; an organisation that strives for equality in education, work and society for women!

RealHer overall is a beautiful company that creates amazing quality products but is also making a difference! I would recommend that you check out their collection of makeup to spread positivity and to empower women everywhere.



  1. I absolutely love this! Lipstick line that are not only beautiful and seemingly good quality but always helping to empower women is amazing! I'll definitely have to check that out. Thanks for your great review Lily!


    1. That's ok Jay! I love RealHer as a brand and I would definitely recommend that you check out the collection! xx


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