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Greece | 24 Hours in Athens


Welcome to my Greek Diaries! I spent an amazing week in beautiful Greece with my friends. Greece is such a gorgeous country, and by taking a little road trip to lots of different locations I felt I experienced lots of different aspects in their culture and country. So over the next week and a half I will document each little day spent in Greece through a post which will go live at 7pm each evening!

Day Two

We woke up early-ish and got ready quickly so we could be ready for breakfast. We were welcomed by a delicious breakfast buffet that served a cooked breakfast, along with cereal, fruit, toast, biscuits, pastries and cakes. After breakfast we had a minutes to get our stuff together ready for the day ahead.

A coach arrived and took us on a 5 minute journey (yeah only a 5 minutes!) along the street to the Museum of Acropolis. Whilst wandering around the museum we saw lots of Ancient Greek artefacts and statues. It was amazing even though we were being followed by the museum guards because we looked 'dodgy' and they were constantly telling us off for touching the statues even though we were nowhere near them!

After the Museum we headed to the bottom of Mount Acropolis. We started our ascent up the mountain whilst stopping to look at some beautiful statues and amphitheatres on the way up. It was super sunny and hot, and my friends and I were getting more and more sweaty (sorry TMI...)

We made it to the top of Mount Acropolis where the Parthenon (The Temple of Athena) is situated, and the views of Athens were breath-taking. We spent some time walking around the outside of the temple, looking at the views and of course taking lots of photos! It started to get a lot busier and hotter so we started our descent back down to Athens streets.

Once we were back at the bottom of Mount Acropolis we continued to walk to the parliament building to witness the changing of the guards. The changing of the guards was fascinating and was very different to changing of the guards that I'd seen at Buckingham Palace in London. The guards wore traditional uniform which included a kilt, a waistcoat, a hat, a cartridge belt, garters and shoes with black pom poms. When changing they moved very slowly and in unison.

After watching the changing of the guards we wandered through the streets of Athens looking for somewhere to eat. When in the capital city of Greece, travelling through the beautiful Greek country, immersed in amazing Greek culture, where do you go to eat? Italian restaurant. Yes we decided to go for an Italian lunch, which I know isn't very 'Greek', because my friends really fancied a delicious pizza. I decided on a pasta dish, and I had a delicious meal outside in the beautiful sunshine. We were situated in a little square and after having eaten our food, we made our way through winding markets looking for things to buy. I bought a little keychain and some beautiful Greek olive soap. My friend bought a beautiful embroidered cushion cover, and my other friend bought some small painted pots for her bedroom - oh and a key ring in the shape of a penis for her boyfriend...(haha!) We continued to walk through the market looking at all sorts of things that were on sale, and then we started our return back to the square. We stopped off in McDonalds for a Bounty McFlurry (yes a BOUNTY McFlurry!) and then jumped on the coach back to our hotel.

Back at the hotel we had some time to chill out and relax before we went down for dinner. The dinner was very similar to the night before which was a buffet serving traditional Greek dishes that were delicious!

After dinner we got ready to head out into Athens for the evening. We had a little stroll through the streets which looked very pretty when all lit up. After realising we didn't want to spend the evening in the Hard Rock Café because everything was very expensive, we stumbled across a little restaurant called The Greco's Project. There was a big group of us and we pulled a large table together to enjoy some dessert and drinks. I had such an amazing evening with everybody! The staff in The Greco's Project were so friendly and fun, and thanks to them we had a fab evening in Athens.

Overall my 24 hours in Athens was amazing, and I would certainly recommend a climb up to the Parthenon and a meal out in The Greco's Project if you ever find yourself there!



  1. You're so lucky ❤️ I really would love to go Greece when I'm older. The beaches and weather look amazing. Your photography is amazing btw!

    1. Thank you so much! It's such a pretty place, I'd love to go back again in a few years time xxx


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