Friday, 11 November 2016

Greece | Ancient Delphi


Welcome to my Greek Diaries! I spent an amazing week in beautiful Greece with my friends. Greece is such a gorgeous country, and by taking a little road trip to lots of different locations I felt I experienced lots of different aspects of their culture and country. So over the next week and a half I will document each little day spent in Greece through a post which will go live at 7pm each evening!

Day Five

Wow! I woke up to the most breath-taking view of the mountains outside my room window. It was a little chilly so I threw on some cosy socks and a jumper to go down to breakfast. The breakfast was a delicious buffet that served toast, cereal, pastries, biscuits and fruit, and I loved the peaches with greek yogurt!!

After breakfast we packed together our things and jumped on to the coach. After a (very) short journey down the road, we arrived in Ancient Delphi. We followed a steep path up to the Sanctuary of Apollo and passed lots of statues and ancient pillars. We saw the beautiful Temple of Apollo and continued our climb up to the amphitheatre. The higher we walked the better the view became of the surrounding hills. We soon reached the top and we saw the wonderful ancient stadium where the contestants used to compete.

What goes up, must come down - and so we started to make our way back down to the bottom of the hill. After our descent, we walked along to the Museum of Delphi. Once inside the museum we took our time looking around at the artefacts and taking photographs. Photography was allowed inside the museum but for some reason you are allowed to take photos of the artefacts and statues, but not a picture of you next to them!? My friend and I got told off by the museum security for taking a photograph with a statue... Anyway, after the museum we had lunch outside by a café and soon we were surrounded by stray cats. The cats looked so cute, but I kept my distance because I didn't want to get bitten. My friends decided to buy slushies, and I tried the watermelon cooler which tasted amazing!!

It was soon time to pile back on to the coach to make our way to our next hotel...



  1. Omg your Greece posts are beautiful and making me miss Greece sooo much! I went earlier this year in May and ABSOLUTELY loved it. Such a beautiful place, I can't wait to go back one day! I loved all the cats but didn't want to touch them either, I felt so bad for some of them because they looked so unloved :(

    Sophie xx |

    1. Thank you so much! Greece is such a beautiful country! I totally agree - the cats just looked so adorable but neglected :(

  2. Loving your posts about Greece, the images look phenomenal. I definitely want to travel to Greece, it hadn't come to mind before, but it looks like a beautiful place.

    Tajinder |

    1. Thank you so much! I would definitely recommend a trip there because there are so many beautiful places to visit! xx

  3. I loved going to Greece and this post along with the photos just brings back great memories! I'm glad that you're having a great time. The scenery there is just breathtaking! (:

    Single Vegas Girl

    1. Aww I'm glad you loved the post! All the views are so beautiful! xx


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