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Greece | Cape Sounion


Welcome to my Greek Diaries! I spent an amazing week in beautiful Greece with my friends. Greece is such a gorgeous country, and by taking a little road trip to lots of different locations I felt I experienced lots of different aspects of their culture and country. So over the next week and a half I will document each little day spent in Greece through a post which will go live at 7pm each evening!

Day Three

After waking up early and having a lovely buffet breakfast, we packed together our things ready to head off to a new hotel. We piled on to the coach and prepared ourselves for the long journey to Delphi.

On the way to Delphi we decided to stop off at Cape Sounion so that we could see the beautiful Temple of Poseidon. Cape Sounion is a lovely coastal location but on the walk up it was very very windy! The Temple was surrounded by sea and the views were amazing. Apparently the temple glows a bright red during a sunset, and boats used to use the temple like a lighthouse.

After taking a while to look around and to take photos, we headed down to the gift shop and the small café. We purchased some ice creams and biscuits, and decided to sit out in the sunshine overlooking the beautiful blue sea.

The drive to our next hotel was very scenic and the views of the sea were beautiful. It was so relaxing to look out of the window at the wonderful views whilst listening to music. I tried to take some photos when I was on the coach, but the coach was going so fast, and trees kept getting in the way!

We soon arrived in Delphi for the next stage of our travels...

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