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Welcome to my Greek Diaries! I spent an amazing week in beautiful Greece with my friends. Greece is such a gorgeous country, and by taking a little road trip to lots of different locations I felt I experienced lots of different aspects of their culture and country. So over the next week and a half I will document each little day spent in Greece through a post which will go live at 7pm each evening!

Day Seven
We spent a lovely day walking around the archaeological site of Mycenae. The ancient site spiralled up a hill all the way to the top where there was a cave. A few of us decided to go down inside the cave which was a flight of crumbly and damp stairs which led us further down into pitch black. We soon reached the end of the stairs, and there was only really a little damp corner - but it was still pretty cool and I slipped over a few times which was funny!

We made our descent down the side of the hill, and we walked to an ancient tomb. The tomb was huge and eerie. It soon started to rain so we quickly walked back to coach and then we commenced our short journey to our next destination...



  1. I've been to Greece a few times before but never really did anything but sit in the hotel, young me wasn't interested in much haha. I'd love to go again and actually see things next time though! xx

    1. Haha! I would definitely recommend going to look around some of the ancient sites, especially in Athens! xx


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