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Welcome to my Greek Diaries! I spent an amazing week in beautiful Greece with my friends. Greece is such a gorgeous country, and by taking a little road trip to lots of different locations I felt I experienced lots of different aspects of their culture and country. So over the next week and a half I will document each little day spent in Greece through a post which will go live at 7pm each evening!

Day Eight

The next stop on our Greece trip was the archaeological site of Mystras. The site is beautiful, and a castle towered high above us in the mountains. My friends and I started to make our ascent up the side of the mountain on lots of narrow, cobbled paths. It started to pour down with rain which made the rocks even more slippery, but it also made it even more of a challenge which was fun!

On the way up to the highest point we walked past cute homes, doorways and a chapel which was situated with beautiful views over the town below. We passed lovely gardens and super cute cats too whilst the rain still battered down on us.

The stairs became steeper and steeper, but we continued on, and we reached the St Sophia chapel and had a lovely look inside. We soon found another path which lead up to the very top of the mountain. Some people didn't want to carry one, so they backed out and walked back down to the bottom, but we were determined to make it to the top!

After becoming soaking wet, slipping over loads of times, and having aching legs we finally made it to the very top! The experience was amazing and the view was certainly worth it - it felt like we were in the clouds! We took lots of photos and then decided to start our descent all the way back down to the coach. Mystras was definitely one of my favourite places that we had visited in Greece.


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