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Fake Christmas

Merry 'Christmas Eve' Eve!

In today's post I'm going to share with you how my friends and I celebrated Christmas this year! We decided to create a Fake Christmas where we recreated a Christmas Day together at my friends house. On Tuesday we finished Sixth Form early, and went home to get ready...

Thanks to my friend Tom, we had the entire Fake Christmas at his house. Before the day we designated roles to everyone who was coming, for example cooking, games, music etc, and we all put in £12 for everything.

I arrived at Tom's at 4pm and lots of people were already there. The Christmas feast was well on its way and smelled incredible. Everyone was dressed in Christmas Jumpers except for Sam who was dressed up as Santa! The Christmas music was being played with all the classics, and the alcohol was flowing!

It wasn't long until we all sat down at the table to eat. The food was delicious thanks to our chefs Tom, Lauren and Lucy, and it was just like a Christmas dinner - plenty of pigs in blankets, stuffing, turkey and gravy! The potatoes and pigs in blankets went down a treat, however the Brussel sprouts and bread sauce understandably didn't as much..

After dinner it was time for a quiz! I had a created two quizzes for everyone to do. The first quiz was a Guess Who and Where Quiz. I took a number of different photographs of all of us and zoomed in on an area in the photographs. Everyone had to guess who I had zoomed in on, and where/when the picture was taken. It was really funny and hopefully everyone enjoyed it.

After the quiz, it was time for presents!! We decided to do a huge Secret Santa this year and it was so much fun! Sam (dressed up as Santa) brought out all the presents, and we took it in turns to open up our presents. I was so happy with my present from Callum (thank you) which was two lovely phone cases, as I was in need of a new case because my old phone case was very broken, and I was relived that Adam liked the t-shirt I bought him! Everyone was very happy with their presents, and there was a theme through many presents which were drinking it was only right that we tried a few out.

So we played some drinking games and ate dessert before doing the second of my quizzes which was Guess the Instagram Account from the Caption! I had chosen some captions from all of our Instagram accounts and everyone had to guess whose Instagram account had posted the caption shown. It was really funny, and challenged how well we know each other!

We of course finished the evening with a party thanks to great playlists by Nick and Cade! I had an absolutely amazing time, and to everyone there - I love you all!


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