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20 Things To Do When You're Bored

All the celebrations and socialising around Christmas and New Year is coming to an end and now it's time to go back to work, school, college or university... For those evenings when you've finished all your work, and you find yourself bored because you think there is nothing to do, here is a list of 20 activities that I suggest!

1. Online Shopping

2. Bake a cake

3. Home workout

4. Decorate or rearrange your room

5. Call or message a friend or relative

6. Paint your nails

7. Read blog posts or watch YouTube videos

8. Wash your makeup brushes

9. Read a book or a magazine

10. Take a walk or a run

11. Take a nap

12. Make a smoothie

13. Take a bath

14. Organise the photos on your phone

15. Try yoga

16. Put on some music and dance

17. Watch a comedy
(e.g. Friday Night Dinner, Modern Family and The Inbetweeners)

18. Create a photo album or scrapbook

19. Watch a film

20. Invite a friend round

I hope these activities spark some inspiration on what you could do during them times when you're bored at home!



  1. This was a great list, Lily! I'll admit that I had a little giggle seeing that first on your list was online shopping haha. Definitely things to do now that things will slow down a bit after the holidays. Thanks for sharing xoxo


    1. Haha! Thank you - I'm glad you liked the list! I agree, but the sales are just too good at the moment and it's so hard to resist not buying anything!😂 xx


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