Monday, 9 January 2017

An Interview with Simplyshann

Welcome to my first interview of 2017! I'm so happy to share with you a wonderful interview with the beautiful Shannonn from simplyshann. She is such a wonderful blogger,  and human being in general, so be sure to check out her links at the end of this post, but for now lets get on with the Q&A...

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your blog?

My name is Shannon, I'm 15 and I'm from London! I started my blog on the 11th November 2015, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My posts tend to vary quite a bit, basically anything from beauty to lifestyle - and a bit in-between!

Why did you start blogging?

At the time, I had just given up Irish dancing which was my life for around 6 years, and so I needed a new hobby! I have adored writing from a young age and English at school has always been my strongest subject! I just love the idea of having the freedom to write about whatever comes to mind, and I knew I wanted to take up something in which I could use my creativity and imagination for, so blogging just seemed perfect.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

When I have some free time I tend to work on my blog, either re-designing it or drafting up-coming posts! Photography is also a big part of my life so I also enjoy taking pictures whenever I get the chance whether its for my blog or just purely for pleasure.

What are your top three beauty and skincare products at the moment?

This is such a tough one! Beauty related, it has to be two new Revlon products I received at Christmas! One being their Insta-fix Highlight Stick which is literally stunning, and the other being their matte lip balm in the shade 'Sultry' which is my go-to at the moment - I'm obsessed! One skincare product would have to be Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water! It is honestly my holy grail for removing my makeup, and it has left my skin in the best condition recently! Would definitely recommend.

What is your favourite fashion brand at the moment?

I've recently been getting back into Hollister again! I got quite a few bits for Christmas and have completely fallen in love with the brand all over again! It can be pricey but the products are amazing quality and I am currently living in the hoodies!

What are five songs that you are loving right now?

My five favourite songs to date would have to be:
Love Me - The 1975
If I Believe You - The 1975
Loving Someone - The 1975
7 - Catfish And The Bottlemen
Oblivion - Bastille

What are you most looking forward to in 2017?

I think what I am most looking forward to in 2017 is just being able to start a fresh, finally finish high school, and open a new chapter in my life! I also want to improve my blog as much as I can, and just work hard to get simplyshann to the level I'm happy with. Also to potentially start YouTube! Exciting things coming this year hopefully.

What are your favourite blog posts to write?

It's so hard to choose just one type of post aha! I love writing personal and raw posts as I feel its the best way to connect and engage with my readers, but I also love my beauty posts as I love photographing products!

Can you describe your personality in three words?

Shy, caring and kind :)

If you could invite any celebrities to a party - who would they be?

Definitely would have to be James Corden, Jack Whitehall, Adele and I'm not entirely sure if YouTubers count as celebrities, but I would love to meet Zoella! She seems really lovely aha!

If you were a Disney character - who would you be?

Oh my gosh I'm a huge fan of Disney so this is so hard! Although one of my all time favourite films is the Little Mermaid so I would have to be Ariel!

What is your biggest blogging tip?

My biggest blogging tip would have to be to just write posts or talk about something that you truly enjoy talking about, no matter what type of post it is! I definitely enjoy blogging so much more when I am talking about something I am genuinely passionate about, as they are more enjoyable and I tend to get better feedback when I'm writing posts that are meaningful to me as it must show through the way I write!

What has been your proudest moment in your life so far?

I think raising money for Cancer Research by doing the Race For Life, as well as doing park runs for other charities too! Also starting my blog was a massive achievement for me and I am quite proud of myself for that.

What are three things that make you smile?

My nieces and nephews definitely know how to make me smile, as well as getting good feedback on blog posts and chicken nuggets aha ;)

What are your future aspirations in life?

To travel and see the world as much as I can, hopefully to be in a position to blog full time, or if not just to be truly happy in any job I have and any decisions I make are for my own happiness! That's all that matters to me :)

Thank you so much Shannon for your lovely answers! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know more about you and your lovely blog, and I wish you all the best for 2017!


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