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Silent Sounds Thames Boat Party

A few weeks ago I spent the most amazing evening at the Silent Sounds Boat Party. This was a birthday treat from my friends that I had been looking forward to since January - I couldn't wait to go!

We were told on the website that we had to be at the boat by 7.30pm so we planned to get up to Tower Bridge Pier early, however my friend was at work a bit later than expected, so we had to take a later train. She got ready super quickly and we started to head up. Due to problems at London Bridge, we had to get the train to Victoria and then the tube along to Tower Bridge Pier.

Firstly we got confused about which tube to take, and after some help from some lovely strangers we got on the right tube and we continued our way. However I have now realised that the district line is possibly the slowest tube line in existence as it seemed to take us ages. We checked the time and it was 7.30pm and we still have 4 more stops until we got off the tube - we were pretty sure we were going to miss the boat! As soon as the tube pulled up at Tower Bridge Pier we ran through the station, and continued to run all the way down to the boat so we didn't miss it. And we didn't - thank goodness! In fact we made it in perfect timing.

We soon made it on to the two-storey boat. We hung up our coats and bags, and heading into the downstairs of the boat to receive our headphones. There were 3 DJs at the front of the boat that we lit up with different colours; red, blue and green. Silent Sounds provides everyone with a set of headphones with buttons at the side so you can adjust the volume and tune in to whichever DJ you prefer at the time. So you simply pick your colour and DJ. After fetching our headphones we bought ourselves some drinks. There were two bars on the boat, and they provided drinks that weren't too expensive.

The boat party was soon underway and I had an amazing time. The atmosphere was so friendly and fun. The music was really good as there was a real range of songs and music genres, and I loved the fact that you could tune in to whatever DJ you loved the most at that time.

The boat went from Tower Bridge, up to the O2 arena, and then back to Tower Bridge. We pasted so many beautiful sites such as Big Ben, The London Eye, Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf. My favourite part of the entire evening was when my friends and I decided to go outside on the deck. Still with our headphones on we danced away surrounded by London lit up at night. The views were amazing, and it was just so much fun!

Overall the whole experience was amazing, and I would totally recommend it!



I am very sorry for not posting regularly recently. This year I am taking my A Level examinations and so for the next few months I am going to be very busy and therefore I won't be able to post regularly. I'm very sorry but I promise this summer I will have lots of exciting content!


  1. I have always wanted to go on a boat party! It looks like you had so much fun :) Great blog - keep up the amazing work!
    -Jenna <3
    Follow me back? The Chic Cupcake

    1. Thank you! I would certainly recommend going on one! xx

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