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Deliciously Ella Rose, Lime & Cucumber Facial Wash

It's so sunny in London at the moment, and I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine! When it starts to get hotter, I think its so important to find a facial wash which is refreshing and cleansing. In today's post I will be talking about my favourite summer facial wash - Neal's Yard Deliciously Ella Rose, Lime & Cucumber Facial Wash.

I absolutely love Deliciously Ella. She is such an inspiring blogger, and I was so excited to try her collaboration with Neal's Yard Remedies.

The Rose, Lime & Cucumber Facial Wash removes dirt and impurities from your skin leaving your face feeling fresh and radiant. The ingredients include; rose, lime, cucumber and blueberry (which is rich in antioxidants). The facial wash is easy to use and perfect for all skin types. The aroma is so fresh and sweet too, which is ideal for summer! The product also has a very personal feel, and within the packaging Ella provides her top skincare tips in a cute little pan flit.

Ella's Top Skincare Tips

1. Eat a rainbow
2. Learn to love water!
3. Get moving
4. Take time to enjoy bedtime
5. Get a good night's sleep

Overall the quality of the product is evident and I would definitely recommend this facial wash to everyone this summer.


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