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Community Festival | 1st July 2017, London

Last Saturday I had an amazing day at Community Festival in Finsbury Park (London)! My tickets had been booked for ages, and I was super excited to finally be going!!

Due to the fact that we had gone out the night before for my friend's 18th, we were all very tired and a little bit hungover so we had a little lie in but shortly we woke up and made our way to Finsbury Park. Before entering the festival we decided to have a cheeky Nando's which was yummy and filled me up for the day!

The gates for Community opened at 11.30am and the acts started at 1.30pm, however we turned up at around 3pm ready for one of my favourite bands at the moment, The Hunna! They were amazing and I'd absolutely love to see them live again soon.

- The Hunna Setlist -

You & Me
Piece by Piece
We Could Be
Never Enough
She's Casual
Bad For You
Rock My Way

After The Hunna we found a sat down on the grass and relaxed for a little bit in the sun whilst Nothing But Thieves and Slaves played on the main stage. I'm not a massive fan of Slaves so some of us took this opportunity to go to the loos so we could be ready for The Wombats who were up next. I was so excited for The Wombats as I love their music, especially their old classics off of their album A Guide To Love, Loss and Desperation. Overall they were amazing, even though I was a little upset they didn't perform Pink Lemonade...

- The Wombats Setlist -

Give Me a Try
Jump Into the Fog
Moving to New York
Your Body Is a Weapon
Kill the Director
Techno Fan
Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)
Greek Tragedy
Let's Dance to Joy Division

Following on from The Wombats amazing performance was Catfish and the Bottlemen! I couldn't wait, and after filling up on some noodles we were ready to see them! They were incredible, their setlist was fab, and the crowd was brilliant too.

- Catfish and the Bottlemen Setlist -

Hourglass (Acoustic)

Overall I had an amazing day at Finsbury Park, and it was a little teaser that warmed me up ready for Reading Festival which is only in 48 days!!


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