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35 Things I've Learned So Far At University

So I'm a first year student at university, and I have been at university now for about two months! It's so weird because I feel like the time is going so so quickly, but also that I've been here for ages? As I've been at university for a while now and there are a fair few things I have learned and experienced so far...

1. Procrastination.

2. There are lots of people that I have met and think of friends, but I can't remember their names...

3. It is so hard to describe where I live so I just stick to saying the nearest city to me.
"Yeah I live in London... well... 30 minutes away from central but yano..."

4. Dominoes is your best friend (especially on a Tuesday).

5. Fresher's Flu is not a myth.

6. What's my university staple meal? Pasta. Pasta. Pasta.

7. Or you can never go wrong with a bowl of 3 minute noodles from ASDA, which can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

8. Everything needs to "soak in water" before washing up.

9. The excuse "well first year doesn't count" can be used in any situation.

10. Introduction lectures during the first week are just filled with hungover freshers.

11. 'Let's take it in turns to say your name, and one interesting fact about yourself' - ummm that's a no from me thank you - and even though I've been asked this so many times I can NEVER think of an interesting fact about myself!

12. It is so much fun exploring a new area and city - especially when it's near the sea!

13. I HATE the fire alarm. Especially in the early hours of the morning...

14. And the thought of it going off when I'm in the shower panics me so much!

15. You spend your whole day talking and thinking about food.

16. And complaining about how tired you are.

17. Napping allows me to function during the day. It is no longer just for babies and young children.

18. During a flat film night it is near to impossible to decide on a film that suits everyone.

19. Tupperware is the best invention ever.

20. But you can never find the freakin lid!!!

21. Everyone wants to know where you've come from and what course you're doing before even knowing your name.

22. I'm still not sure whether I am defrosting food correctly and if I can reheat rice?

23. My bank statement is just filled with money spent on food, drink and more food.

24. Oh and expensive payments for printing out in the library and washing my clothes in the halls launderette!

25. Confidence is something that can be improved by putting yourself out of your comfort zone.

26. Student budget causes you to get creative when it comes to halloween costumes.

27. It is surprising how quickly you feel comfortable living with strangers, and how it doesn't take long for you to become so close!

28. Therefore soon enough it's normal to walk around the communal kitchen in your dodgy pyjamas with no makeup on and feel 100% comfortable about it.

29. Lectures that are posted online to watch again are a bloody life saver!

30. Why bother ironing? What even is an iron? Creases are a myth.

31. Hide your belongings when you have pre drinks and flat parties otherwise things will get stolen...

32. Especially your fans as they are so precious in boiling hot halls kitchens!!

33. Buying Fresher's wristbands are a waste of money - just buy the tickets for the events and clubs you want to go to when you get here!

34. I should take more photos on nights out.

35. FaceTime is amazing. Talking to your friends and family at home is one of the best things to do ever!


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