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London's First Cat Cafe | Lady Dinah's

My friends and I treated my crazy cat loving friend to an afternoon tea in London's first cat café; Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium! Yep that's right - a cat café is exactly what it sounds like - a café with lots and lots of cats. I love cats, however I must admit I'm not the biggest crazy cat fan so I was a little worried about eating an afternoon tea surrounded by furry felines, nevertheless I was still excited to try it out and I had such a cute afternoon!

We booked in advance which is essential if you'd like to go and visit. Then on the day we headed up to Shoreditch and then found the little café in the middle of the high street. We could tell it was the right place as we were greeted by quite a few cats in the café window haha!

Whilst waiting to be seated inside, we ordered our drinks. I was tempted by the cattuccino by instead went for just an ordinary hot chocolate because I'm a basic bitch and just really fancied one.

Once inside we straight away saw all the beautiful cats everywhere. Some were sleeping, others playing and some just chilling really. We made our way to our seats, and sat down to order some cream teas and croissants! The café has a fairytale woodland theme with a tree in the middle of the café, and other walkways around the edge of the room for the cats to wander round on. The whole room is equipped with areas for the cats to walk, chill and relax on, as well as lots of toys that you can use to play with the cats. 

Some of the cats were sleeping so we just left them alone, but others were energetic and loved being played with! We were also given treats that we could give to the cats too which was cute. 

The food and drinks arrived and they were delicious very quickly and so we made our way back to our table. The scones were amazing, and the hot chocolate looked and tasted delicious too!

We continued to stroke and play with the cats a little bit longer until our booking time was up and we had to leave. 

Overall the cat café is a really cute experience for any cat lovers out there! It's a lovely and calm environment for the cats, and they all seemed very happy and content to be there which is lovely and very important too.


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