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Afternoon Tea at Brown's Brasserie & Bar | Mayfair

My friends and I spent the afternoon at Brown's Brasserie in Mayfair enjoying an afternoon tea for my friends birthday.

It was my friend's birthday ages ago and we decided that for her birthday gift we would treat her to an afternoon tea in London as she was always saying how much she wanted to try it out! After looking for ages, and finally getting a date together when we were all free, we booked an afternoon tea at Brown's Brasserie & Bar in Mayfair.

We headed up to London on that one day when it was super sunny in London. After a few direction difficulties and thanks to google maps, we made it to Brown's at Mayfair. The outside of the restaurant looked very nice, and well let's just say we didn't feel posh enough to be going in there haha!

We were directed to our seats in a little booth at the back of the restaurant, and we had a quick glance at the menu, but we new what we were ordering already; four classic afternoon teas - two with tea and two with coffee.

Our food and drinks soon arrived, and it looked amazing!

The afternoon tea included per person:

3 small brioche roll sandwiches
2 crostini
2 scones with jam and cream
1 macaroon
1 profiterole
1 slice of chocolate gateaux
1 slice of lemon cake

Coffee or tea

The afternoon tea was delicious and really filling! I wasn't really a fan of the sandwich fillings and crostini toppings tbh but the scones and desserts were amazing! The salted caramel profiterole was incredible and definitely a fav. The atmosphere was really chilled and relaxed in Brown's which was nice, and overall I had a lovely time and I enjoyed my first experience of an afternoon tea. The afternoon tea at Brown's is really affordable as well as it is only £15 per person! They also offer two other types of afternoon tea - the gin afternoon tea or the champagne afternoon tea. Both a little bit more expensive, but also a little bit more fancy.

I would certainly recommend the afternoon tea at Brown's, and there are lots of other Brown's restaurants dotted around England so there may be one near you, however it was nice to have the special treat in Mayfair.


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