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NuPosto Neapolitan Pizzeria | Brighton

When my friends came down to see me in Brighton a few days ago we decided to try out a pizzeria that I had been meaning to try out since I started uni - NuPosto.

NuPosto is located in the heart of Brighton on West Street. It specialises in serving Neapolitan style pizza and other delicious Italian dishes.

The restaurant has a fresh and chilled out atmosphere, but also a rustic feel with the large pizza oven visible from the kitchen. We sat down and began to look at the menus. I must admit my friend and I were sitting on metal stalls so I didn't feel very comfortable and we felt very high up and awkward, but other than that the restaurant d├ęcor was lovely, bright and modern. 

 We ordered cheesy garlic bread as a starter to share (standard) and a few drinks. My friend and I opted for a Virgin Mojito as a drink - which was so refreshing! The garlic bread came and omg it was amazing! It had a thick neapolitan base and it was very cheesy and garlicky (yes that is a word...). Then we ordered our mains. I decided to go for the Ravelo Pizza because when in a pizzeria serving neapolitan style pizza - go for a neapolitan style pizza! My friends weren't on the same wavelength and order pastas. The food arrived. My pizza was so delicious, and they enjoyed their pasta however they admitted that they should've ordered a pizza too (knew it). 

We decided to treat ourselves on that day too and had a look at the desserts menu. If anyone knows me well they know that my favourite dessert is Tiramisu so without really looking at the menu I knew what I was going to order haha, but my friends went for panna cotta, chocolate hazelnut cake and ice cream (such a child). The desserts were delicious however my friend didn't really enjoy her chocolate hazelnut cake because it was a little dry and a bit too nutty.

Overall I would definitely go back to NuPosto as it's a lovely restaurant for Italian pizza, however I would recommend ordering the garlic bread and pizza, as I wasn't really that impressed with the desserts.  However if you're after a dessert a tiramisu will never let you down.


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