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I have never been to Cyprus before, but it is always somewhere that I certainly want to visit in the future. The idyllic turquoise waters, winding old streets, stunning ancient ruins, and a wide range of diversity to see, as well as wonderful restaurants and cafes to enjoy. I was lucky enough to be invited by Visit Cyprus to a beautiful Rose Water event to spread awareness of the wonderful Rose Festival held in Cyprus each year. I'd never heard of this festival before so I was excited to learn more.

The Rose Festival is held each May in the rural Cyprus village of Agros. The festival celebrates the beautiful roses there, and visitors can learn all about the distillation and beauty of the roses through exhibitions and workshops.

10 Reasons To Use Rose Oil

1. Anti-flammatory
2. Anti-bacterial
3. Antioxidants
4. Moisturizing
5. Fragrance
6. Relaxing
7. Toning
8. Skin radiance
9. Cleanser
10. The perfect face and body mist

Rose Oil is such a wonderful essential oil with many health and beauty benefits - as highlighted above. Roses also have a delicious taste as I realised thanks to the rose petal bellinis and mojitos!

So I was super excited to attend an evening inspired by the beauty of roses, and thanks to Visit Cyprus I made my way up to London for the event.

The location of the event was wonderful. The building was inspired by Alice in Wonderland, as there were statues of characters, rose arches dotted around the room, checkerboard ceilings and (of course) a large white rabbit.

Upon arrival I was greeted at the door by the girls at Rooster PR, who were extremely friendly and attentive - for the entire evening in fact. They ensured that the event was a success and that everyone was enjoying themselves. After meeting a few other bloggers there for the event, I was also greeted by a table of rose petal bellinis which tasted and looked amazing.

We all listened to a short presentation made by Visit Cyprus about the beauty of Cyprus as well as the rose distillation process, and the wonders of rose oil. Let's just say I will certainly be making a trip to Cyprus soon because it sounds beautiful.

We then were escorted into the event room which was decorated beautifully with rose petals and other various decorations, and the whole space smelt so sweet and floral. The event was sort of split into two sections; a flower arranging workshop, and some beauty treatments. I decided to head to the flower arranging workshop first.

The flower arranging workshop was run by Rebel Rebel, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We were firstly presented with a beautiful bucket of british flowers ready to be arranged into a pretty bouquet. We had a little presentation to describe the technique behind flower arranging, and then it wasn't long until I put my apron on and got started on my bouquet. I found the experience really relaxing and I really enjoyed it. I was actually surprisingly happy with how my bouquet came out in the end, however I'm not sure floristry is my future career.

After we'd all created our bouquets we placed them in a box ready to take home at the end of the evening, and then headed over to the food and drinks table. There was a large array of treats and drinks on offer all with a rose petal theme, as well as many delicacies from Cyprus for example Mahalepi which is an almost jelly-like dessert that was deliciously sweet and light. My favourite treats were the rose infused peppermint creams and the rose petal mojitos - so yum!

It was soon time for the second part of the evening - the beauty treatments. Shoreditch Nails were offering a beautiful manicure with rose nail art details, and there were also hand and arm massages available. I headed over to get my hands massaged. I spend a lot of time at uni on my laptop - whether that's studying, blogging or watching videos - so I think a hand massage is just what I needed as exams are fast approaching. The lady was so friendly and lovely, and afterwards my hands felt so relaxed - as well as smooth and soft thanks to the rose oil!

I spent the rest of the evening talking to some lovely other bloggers, and the ladies from Rooster PR, as well as tasting more of the delicious food and drinks on offer before it was time to head off. We were handed a wonderful beauty box thanks to Visit Cyprus on the way out which was so kind of them. The box is looked so beautiful and I couldn't wait to see what was inside.

Inside the box:

Anatomicals Hydrating Rose Mask
Cyprus Travel Guide & Map
Blue Sea Rose Nail Stickers
Handmade Rose & Poppy Seed Exfoliating Soap
Handmade Rose & Honeysuckle Bath Bomb
Mia Roma Rose Essential Oil
Kypwell Essentials Deep & Regenerating Face Scrub
Yogi Tea Rose Petals Teabags

(as you can see the theme of roses was certainly evident throughout the entire event)

So a huge thanks goes to Visit Cyprus for hosting a wonderful event. I was so happy to get my bouquet back home on the tube and train all in one piece, and handed it to my mum who loved it. It now looks and smells so wonderful on our coffee table. I had such a lovely evening, and I was amazed by the beauty of roses and the many ways we can use them.

Make sure you check out Visit Cyprus and The Rose Festival this May.


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