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LUSH King's Road Spa Chelsea Flower Show Event | AD

I was lucky enough to be invited to a beauty event with LUSH at LUSH Spa Kings Road last Thursday. Each year Kings Road LUSH Spa celebrates the Chelsea Flower Show with an Essential Oil Efflorescence Event. A celebration of natural and beautiful essential oils!

So feeling excited I headed up to Chelsea for the event.

While walking down Kings Road, it was so lovely walking past all the shop windows and entrances covered in beautiful flowers in celebration of the Chelsea Flower Show. When I arrived I was welcomed at the door to LUSH Spa with a delicious mocktail. The mocktail was created to represent Cherryish - LUSH's new body scrub infused with the sweet almond essential oil giving the product a cherry bakewell-ish scent!

Mocktail Recipe (per glass)

1 tsp frozen raspberries
1 tsp frozen blueberries
1 drop of almond flavouring
Pink lemonade
Lavender sprig to garnish

Simply put the frozen fruit and almond flavouring into a glass, and then fill up the glass with a pink lemonade. So simple and so delicious - everyone wanted more refills all night!

Once I was inside I was given a short time to look around the store and have a try/grab any samples of any products I liked the look of. I absolutely love LUSH stores in general. I always find that they are one of the best shops to shop in in terms of customer service and store layout. You are always encouraged to try and test out products whilst shopping, and demos of bath bombs are great to watch and get involved with. I enjoyed looking around at their products on show, and socialising and getting to know other bloggers who were at the event too.

It was soon time for a short demonstration about the wonders of essential oils, the brilliant benefits they can have on our bodies, and how LUSH organically source their ingredients in order to get the best quality for their products. In particular we were shown a short video showcasing the sourcing of rose oil in Senir, Turkey. LUSH work with 3000 local farmers, distilling world-class oil. We also learnt about Hasan, a Turkish farmer, who invested into the creation of a free school in his area, and LUSH profits continue to finance the project.

If you read my recent blog post about when I went to the Rose Water Event, then you will already know about the many benefits of rose oil however it was highlighted the fact that rose oil is amazing for its soothing, nourishing and calming qualities, as well as treating blemishes, reducing irritation and it is also said to have an aphrodisiac effect. After hearing about all the benefits of rose oil, I was super excited to be given the opportunity to make LUSH's Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask.

But before I made the face mask, I was treated to a taster spa treatment! The Comforter? is a spa treatement on offer at LUSH Spas. The Comforter? is a special 60 minute experience that includes a special sweet and fun chocolate and rose serum inspired treatment.

The Comforter?

Begins with a 15-minute consultation.
Lying on a warm marshmallow mattress and a heated cloud duvet.
Starts with a hot chocolate body scrub.
Followed by a warm and bubbly rose serum massage.
The music is a spa inspired playlist of fun and nostalgic songs.
Leaves your skin feeling exfoliated, softened and moisturised.
In addition it leaves your mind feeling stress-free and deeply contented.

As a taster of this wonderful treatment, I had a wonderful rose serum arm and hand massage. The rose serum was warm and super moisturising on my skin, and the lady was super talented as the massage was incredible. She left my hands feeling so loose and relaxed, and my skin was glowing!

So it was time for us to make our very own Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask. It was amazing to see what natural ingredients go into making the face mask, and how each ingredient contributes to leaving your skin looking fresh, clear and glowing. Once the face mask was all done it was potted up and we each took a pot of the mask home! We were told that this face mask is perfect to use before a first date as it leaves your skin looking radiant and glowy, or before bed as it has a relaxing and soothing fragrance.

So then it was time for more socialising, networking, sipping on mocktails and general chatting really until it was time to make another LUSH product - the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb!

It was so cool to actually get stuck in and create my own LUSH bath bomb. Following on from the fact that rose oil is an aphrodisiac, the sex bomb is also infused with the rose essential oil. The smell was amazing, and so were the colours of the powders we were mixing together. We placed the mixture into a mould with a small rose decoration and that was it! I was really happy with how my sex bomb turned out and I can't wait to use it in the bath!

I was then lucky enough to have a tour downstairs of the LUSH Spa. I was blown away by the uniqueness of the spa, and the overall spa experience. The interior is comforting, natural and relaxing. I was also impressed by the personalisation of the treatments. Each client can select a word from the wall which influences your treatment through fragrance combinations. So there are lots of different combinations for treatments making them unique and personalised. I also enjoyed looking around the cosy treatment rooms which are so different to other spas that are often clinical and lack comfort or personalisation.

Overall I had a lovely night at LUSH Spa Kings Road! It was such a nice chilled event and I enjoyed meeting new people, and making some wonderful products - and of course learning about some amazing benefits of essential oils!




  1. That looks like such a lovely event to be apart of! Love products from lush. Lovely post x

    1. Thank you! I had such a lovely time - and yep definitely gotta love the lush products! x

  2. I have heard that The Comforter is one of the best spa treatments! I loveeee Rosy Cheeks, I think it might be my favourite face mask, it smells amazing too! Sounds like you had such an amazing time!! xx

    1. Thank you! Rosy Cheeks is definitely one of my favourites too - it just smells too good! x


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