Thursday, 17 May 2018

You Need This Moisturiser In Your Life | My Eczema Story

Do you suffer with dry or eczema-prone skin, or perhaps you're just after a fantastic body moisturiser? Well this is certainly the cream for you. After years of searching and trying out different products and solutions, I have found a cream that has honestly transformed my skin and I want to rave about this surprising and unusual miracle product. This is NOT a sponsored post at all.

So since I was a little girl I have always suffered with eczema and dry skin on my arms - weirdly it just appears on my arms and the rest of my body has always been clear. Usually my arms would be clear during the summer, and then during colder months the eczema would appear. When I was younger it wasn't too bad, however as years have gone on it has gradually become worse. The condition has never been too severe or extremely bad, and has never been painful or necessarily itchy, however it made me feel very insecure about showing my arms. 

Over the years I have tried out several creams, body lotions and treatments that aimed to clear up my skin. I also went to a doctor and a dermatologist several times looking for new solutions to try. Many of the creams recommended to me included Oilatum Cream and Oil, Epaderm Cream, E45, Aveeno cream, Sudocrem, and I had also been prescribed several others more recently. On several occasions I was also offered steroid creams as an option however I was warned that these creams could cause thinning to the skin so I wanted to avoid these as much as I could, so that they would only become a final resort. 

So after trying all of these products I never really found a perfect solution. Often the creams would moisturise my skin only temporarily and only clear the eczema up to a certain point. In addition these products were either very oily, extremely thick in consistency or almost Vaseline-like making them unpleasant to use and weren't an ideal daily body moisturiser. Some products and prescriptions were also quite pricey and I never thought that they were worth re-purchasing again.

So after years of searching, trying and failing to find anything, something appeared online that grabbed my attention. Floating around Facebook was a review of the product 'Child's Farm Baby Moisturiser'. The review raved about how amazing the product is for dry skin and how it is a miracle cream to treat any eczema or sensitive skin problems. I researched more into the product, and saw that lots of other people also recommended the cream and that it was available at Superdrug and ASDA. I immediately wanted to give it ago, however the problem was that the product was completely sold out online and in-store at both companies! So when I finally found out that it had been restocked in Superdrug I quickly ordered a bottle. 

Child's Farm has created a baby moisturiser especially for newborn babies and younger children. It is an award-winning, paediatrician and dermatologist approved cream that is 98% made with naturally derived ingredients. The fact that it is a cream suitable for newborn babies highlights the fact that the product is extremely gentle on the skin and perfect for you if you have sensitive skin. 

After only using the cream for 3 days (applying it to my arms twice a day - morning and night) my eczema had almost completely cleared up!! My skin was way more clearer and cleared up way quicker than any other cream I had previously tried. I couldn't believe it. My friends and family couldn't believe the change in my skin either, and my arms have never felt so moisturised and smooth.

The cream is amazing and I don't think I will use any other body moisturiser again. Now I don't only use this product on my arms, I use it all over my body daily. It makes my skin feel so soft and I love that I can trust that the product is natural and gentle. There is no greasy, creamy or oily feel left on my skin after using it and the cream has a very light mild fragrance which is nice.

The reason for not knowing about this cream for so long is the fact that it is classified as a baby moisturiser and is not at all targeted at adults. Superdrug and ASDA are the places to go to buy this cream and actually Boots now and I think several other companies are starting to stock this due to the demand for it already. However it is always located in the baby products aisle and nowhere near the usual eczema or body creams! The packaging is not the most stylish, however the results are incredible. The price only being £3.99 (in Boots) makes it a complete game changer too.

I would certainly urge anyone with dry or eczema-prone skin to try this product out and let me know what you think? Or even if you're after a great natural body lotion and daily moisturiser. I can tell that this cream is going to be my skincare staple for years and years to come - I think I need to stock up quick!

Child's Farm also sell a hair and body wash collection too, completely paediatrician and dermatologist approved, and suitable for newborn babies and people with sensitive skin just like the moisturiser. Again definitely not targeted at adults (clock the unicorn, rainbow and fairies on the front of the bottle) but it leaves my skin feeling moisturised after a shower. This particular fragrance I am trying at the moment does remind me slightly of Robinson's Apple and Blackcurrent Squash but the results paired with the moisturiser has made my skin feel amazing so it definitely worth it - especially if you are someone that reacts badly to highly fragranced soap products. Child's Farm also have a range of different fragrances so I may give them a go next time. 

Overall in my opinion I have found the perfect solution to my eczema, and I hope that by sharing this it will help some of you!



  1. Great post I am always on the lookout for a good cream & like you have had the usual Oilatum E45 sounds like a good range I see a visit to my local ASDA!


    1. Thank you! Honestly I couldn't recommend anything more. Give it a go and let me know what you think x

  2. I wish this cream was around when I was a child. I suffered from really bad eczema and all we had was E45. Great blog post!

    Steph x

    1. Thank you! I know, I wish I'd found this cream sooner but I'm thankful I've finally found something that works x

  3. I suffer from Eczema as well, and have tried all sorts of things over the years. I am lucky enough to have come across a few items(some even illegal in canada, haha), that have worked really well for me.

    It's always great to know of another product out there though. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Haha when you find something that finally works it's amazing! x

  4. Although I don’t have eczema, I do have really sensitive skin, especially in the summer, so have to be careful what products I use! Perhaps I’ll have to try this out at some point, thanks for sharing!x

    1. Yes this moisturiser is perfect for sensitive skin, I would certainly recommend giving it a go! x


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