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58 Hours in New York City

My first trip to New York City; 58 hours of non-stop, typical tourist activities and I absolutely loved it!

Friday 10th August

We woke up early ready for a flight from London Heathrow Airport to John F Kennedy International Airport.

The flight went surprisingly quickly, probably due to the fact that I had a business essay to finish, and probably more thanks to the inflight entertainment as I watched The Greatest Showman, and lots of episodes of Friends, This Country, and Modern Family.

When we arrived we jumped into a taxi and headed to our apartment in New York City.

For the weekend spent in New York we stayed in Radio City Apartments; located in Times Square. The location of the apartment couldn't have been more perfect as it was within walking distance of most of the tourist attractions, as well as amazing shopping areas and restaurants. Also there is the Subway station just down the street.

After we arrived at the apartment, we dropped off our suitcases quickly changed and headed out into the city.

I immediately feel in love with New York. It was exactly how I imagined the city to be from photos, movies and TV episodes I'd seen. 

Times Square looked incredible. The huge advertisement screens, lights and massive shopping stores looked amazing. We walked through the crowds of people, taking photos, soaking up the atmosphere, smelling the interesting smells... oh and we walked past THE Donald Trump.

We continued to walk towards Central Park and en route we stopped at The Rockefeller Centre, The Central Public Library, Fifth Avenue, Trump Tower and The Plaza Hotel (where Home Alone 2 was filmed).

When we reached Central Park we sat down and enjoyed a Frozen Lemonade Minute Maid - so delicious and certainly what we needed as we were all getting hot and tired.

We continued to walk around Central Park, taking lots of photos and enjoying the sun.

We headed back to our apartment for an early-ish night.

Saturday 11th August

We woke up pretty early; probably due to the 4 hour time difference or the loud thunderstorm occurring outside. We decided to stay in our apartment for a little bit to relax, use the wifi and get ready slowly whilst the worst of the storm passed outside.

We soon headed out, walked through Times Square and jumped on the Subway. For my first time on the Subway I realised that it's a very confusing system and it is incredibly hot. However I also realised that the London Underground needs to seriously think about installing air con on tubes because the AC in the trains was absolutely beautiful.

We jumped off the Subway, and headed to get the Staten Island Ferry over to Staten Island. The ferry was amazing as we had an amazing view of The Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan cityscape - all for free!

A quick stop off at Starbucks was needed. I ordered my standard caramel iced latte.

Then we walked past Wall St to the 9/11 Memorial. Such a beautiful memorial.

We then took another ferry over to Dumbo, Brooklyn. However as soon as we got onto the boat, it began to thunderstorm and pour down with rain. The River Hudson was so choppy that the boat couldn't moor at Dumbo and we instead had to get off at the next stop.

Because of the Londoners that we are, we couldn't let torrential rain stop us for enjoying our weekend in the city. We shoved on our height of fashion ponchos and headed out into the streets of Brooklyn. We passed so many houses that reminded me of a typical New York apartment like you would see in a TV series such as Friends or How I Met Your Mother.

Feeling soaking wet, we finally arrived at the Subway and headed to Grand Central Station.

Grand Central Station was amazing. My little sister absolutely loved it, and found imaging Melman the Giraffe from Madagascar's head stuck in the central clock very funny haha!

Feeling hungry we walked back to Times Square and had dinner in Junior's Diner. I had a delicious Brisket Melt and Pink Lemonade - so so delicious and yes I couldn't finish it because the portion was HUGE. My sister and I also tried a giant pickle again, and lets just say it's still a strong no from me. We were all so full that we couldn't even try Junior's famous cheesecake! Instead we stopped off in M&M world on the way back to our apartment to grab some M&Ms for dessert. 

After relaxing for a bit at the apartment and enjoying some M&Ms, some of us decided to head to Times Square for some late night New York shopping. I couldn't believe how big the stores were! My favourite store was of course Sephora, and when in Sephora I can't help but treat myself. I have a Summer Sephora Haul coming out in a few weeks time so keep your eyes peeled...

Sunday 12th August

Up bright and early again.

We walked through New York City, all the way to The Empire State Building. 

The Empire State Building experience was brilliant and the views were absolutely amazing. I loved looking out over the all the famous buildings, hotels, flats, the river and at all the beautiful rooftops in the city. After taking hundreds of what looks like the same photo we headed back down the building and had a drink in Starbucks.

Next stop was Macy's; the largest store in the world.

We continued walking through the city until we reached The High Line. A beautiful walkway high up over the streets of New York. It was so pretty to walk down.

Then it was back on the Subway to Bloomingdales. Another amazing and super fancy New York shopping store. Filled with hundreds of high-end designer items. 

A quick walk took us to Central Park again where my little sister enjoyed the fun fair located in the center as well as a little magic show.

It wasn't long until dinner where we stopped off at Times Square Diner and I enjoyed a delicious BBQ burger with sweet potato fries.

Then it was back to the apartment for our last sleep spent in New York City.

A super fast-paced 58 hours in NYC, and I feel in love with the city. I know it sounds cliché but I definitely want to spend Christmas in New York one year, or even spend a year or two working and living out there. So much more to see and experience!



  1. I've always wanted to go to New York! This just made it even more evident that I ended to visit.

    Hannah |

    1. Thanks for reading! And 100% you should definitely put it on your travel list x


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