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Soap&Glory Call Of Fruity Event | AD

I attended the launch party for the beautiful New Call Of Fruity Soap&Glory Collection, and I tried out the whole new range of products! 


I was so excited to be invited to this event and to see and smell the brand new collection by Soap&Glory. I absolutely love all of Soap&Glory's products: they all smell incredible, look fantastic and are just a brilliant quality too - so you can imagine my excitement to try out their new collection.

I headed up to Shoreditch, after a pretty rubbish journey thanks to TFL's cancellations and delays, and I found the venue. I could hear the music and see the lights from right down the street, so I knew I was in the right place haha! I entered the venue into a tropical paradise launch party! I said hi to the lovely Soap&Glory PR girls (who did an absolutely amazing job of the event so thank you), and I met up with Dalal. We looked around the event, and the first place we spotted in the centre of the room was a braiding bar, so we queued up ready to get our hair done by the lovely ladies there. People who know me well know that I literally don't do anything with my hair really. I generally have my hair straight done everyday, maybe curl it every now and then, and then tie it into a ponytail or plaits for bed - that's pretty much it! I'm just rubbish at doing my own hair, and generally I cba.

The lady who did my braid was so friendly and lovely, and I loved it! I definitely looked like I should be going to a festival, and I also felt like I looked really young and like a massive egg with my hair braided back but hey ho it's all in the spirit of the launch party right haha?

Next we went to the photo booth to take some photos with fun props, and I grabbed a delicious Pina Colada en route. There were so many delicious cocktails and mocktails available throughout the night which were certainly appreciated as they looked so cute and tasted amazing! On the theme of refreshments there was also a Breddos Tacos Taco Van at the launch party that served the most amazing tacos. I opted for the Vegan Smoked Sweet Potato, Almond Chile and Spring Onions Wraps - sooooo good!

We headed back into the main room where there was a Hand & Lock Pop Up Hut that were creating personalised monogrammed Soap&Glory scarves. We headed over to the hut, and were allowed to select the font, colour and size of our initials to be monogrammed onto the bottomed of a scarf. The scarf looks so cute, and I tied it around my bag for the rest of the night.

Next to the Hand & Lock Pop Up Hut was a fruit stall giving out fresh fruit produce, all the different fruits that were used in the New Call Of Fruity Collection.

Throughout the night there was an amazing DJ who was providing banger after banger imo, and the atmosphere at the event was amazing. Everyone was having fun, and enjoying the New Soap&Glory products that were positioned around the venue for people to sniff and try out.

Approximately halfway through the night suddenly some salsa dancers made an entrance into the venue catching everyone by surprise haha, and completed an amazing salsa dance performance - and also roped in some help from some unexpecting bloggers stood around the edge haha!

The Collection

So I was lucky enough to go away from the event with a cute plastic basket bag and the full new Call Of Fruity Soap&Glory Collection. The fragrance is absolutely amazing. I'm not very good at describing scents but let's give this ago... it's a very exotic, tropical and fruity scent with mango, mandarin, coconut, papaya, and passionfruit aromas, but it is also not too fruity and has a nice floral and fresh smell. I love it! 

So what products are in the collection?

No Woman No Dry Hydrating Body Butter
"An intensely moisturizing blend with coconut oil, cocoa butter, passionfruit and aloe extracts, for scent-sationally soft skin!"

This body butter is a beautiful creamy body product that leaves my skin feel super soft immediately after applying it. For the last few nights I've been putting it on my body before bed, and it makes my skin feel so smooth and silky in the morning.

Bubble In Paradise Refreshing Body Wash
"EXOTIC-COOL formula - a refreshing blend, with juicy mango and mandarin extracts, for a truly energising experience!"

This body wash left my whole house smelling absolutely amazing after using it in the shower. The formula creates lovely suds on my skin and leaves me feeling refreshed and hydrated. The scent is also long lasting on your skin which is good as it keeps you smelling sweetttt

The Way She Smoothes Softening Body Lotion
"A refreshing, hydrating blend, with mango and coconut oils, papaya, passionfruit and algae extracts, for smooth satisfaction!"

Another beautiful body moisturiser by Soap&Glory. This body lotion is lighter than the body butter meaning that I like to use it more in the mornings or during the day so that my skin feels soft and smooth, and a little creamy.

Paradise Glossed Moisturising Body Oil
"A nourishing, lightweight and luxurious formula, packed with coconut oil and almond oil for satin-soft skin that positively glistens!"

My favourite product out of the new collection hands down. I love body oils and generally prefer them to body creams because I love the way they leave my skin feeling hydrated and smooth, as well as looking glowy. This body oil smells insane and leaves your skin looking beautiful!

Hand Food Hydrating Hand Cream
"A nourishing blend, with marshmallow extract, macadamia oil and shea butter, to hydrate, soften and moisturise for hands-on hydration!"

You've probably heard of the famous Soap&Glory Hand Food Hand Cream as it is amazing. I was so happy when I found out that Soap&Glory have brought out the Hand Food with a new fragrance because the quality is just as amazing (leaves my hands feeling super moisturised and soft) but with the beautiful new Call Of Fruity fragrance!

So keep a look out for the New Soap&Glory Call Of Fruit Collection online and in stores as it's coming very soon! I'll let you know when it's out on my socials.




  1. Looks like the lovliest event, glad you had a lovely time!
    The products all sound amazing!

    Harriet xx

    1. Thank you! It was such a lovely event to attend xx

  2. Those products is absolutely outstanding!
    I have been using those products for 5 years and it has change the look and feel of my skin.


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