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Summer Travels Beauty Haul | Barcelona, New York & Florida

So in today's blog post I am going to be sharing all the beauty products I purchased during my travels this summer. Mainly items from Sephora, Walmart and T J Maxx (no idea why it's T J Maxx in America and T K Maxx in the UK???), but I hope you enjoy this beauty haul - a little mix between high-end and drugstore pieces too!

So if you've been following me on my socials then you'll already know that I've been super lucky to have been able to travel a lot this summer! I headed to Mallorca, Catalonia, Barcelona, New York and Florida. I had the most amazing summer and have posted a few blog posts about my travels along the way so make sure you give them a little read.



The best Sephora store I've ever been to is 100% the one in Barcelona - it's huge! Like every typical blogger, I love a visit to Sephora and when I headed into the store I headed straight to the Fenty Beauty section.

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter (Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal) $34

I have been wanting something from Rihanna's collection for ages now so it was about time I treated myself. I decided to purchase the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in the shades Lightning Dust and Fire Crystal. The pigment is AMAZING and I mean just look at that beautiful packaging.

"You can use this on any part of your face - your eyes, your cheeks, your nose bridge, your collarbone. I like to use it on my body as well because it's such a high sheen. You at it and think 'is it going to deliver?... is it going to deliver? Then -BAM!- it delivers!"
- Rihanna

I also had a cheeky look at the clearance section. A section that typically contains products that are just simply out of season or they have no more space for as new product comes in.

Urban Decay Vice Metallized Lipstick (Peyote) $12.50

I luckily picked up a lovely Urban Decay Lipstick from their Metallized Vice collection in the shade Peyote. The shade is a beautiful nude pink that has a shimmer, and the formula is amazing when applied on my lips.


The next makeup purchase in Barcelona was made at the NYX store opposite Sephora. I am in love with NYX lip products so I wanted to make another little purchase whilst I was there. I was intrigued by their Powder Puff Powder Lipstick collection.

NYX Powder Puff Lippie (Cool Intentions) $8.00

The formula of this lip product is so light and velvety on your lips, but also so long lasting which is amazing. The shade Cool Intentions is a dark nude but what I love about the colour is that, due to the powder formula of the product, it's totally buildable meaning that you can wear it slightly lighter or darker depending on which you prefer.

NYX Pro All-Over Shadow Brush $7.00

Just a pretty decent eyeshadow brush really. It applies shimmer shadows really well in particular due to it's flat design.

New York City


So another stop off at Sephora...this time at the Sephora in Times Square. I was so impressed with the Fenty Beauty Highlighter, I was tempted to purchase another one of Rihanna's collection.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer (Soft Matte) $32

Hands down the best primer I've ever used. It's creamy formula makes it so lovely to apply (just like a moisturiser), but it leaves my skin feeling plump, light and beautifully matte. I was amazed at how well my foundation (MAC Studio Fix) sits on it and stays in place all day. The pair together have made my skin look flawless and I'm so so happy!

"I wanted this primer to feel soft and moisturising at the same time, as well as doing the job of keeping makeup on."
- Rihanna

I continued to look around the rest of the store, and tbh I was after a new brow product. So when I think of brand known for amazing brow products, I immediately think of Benefit.

Benefit ka-BROW! Eyebrow Cream Gel and Brush (3) $22

One of the best eyebrow products that I've ever used. ka-BROW has been recommended to me quite a few times and I'm so glad I bought it. The formula is amazing to apply, and my brows stay in place all day and night. I opted for shade 3 for my brows and it's a little dark but it works fine. The packaging is an amazing design as the precision brush is located in the top of the pot and works amazingly.

Orlando, Florida

When in Florida, we of course had to do a huge Walmart shop. I love walking around the huge Walmart stores, I of course grabbed some American food goodies to bring back with me to the UK, and I also looked around the beauty section, and I'm so glad I did because I found some absolute gems.


Milani Rose Powder Blush (Romantic Rose) $7.00

Look how pretty it is!! This blush not only looks super cute, but also creates a beautiful colour my cheeks. The Romantic Rose is such a natural shade that matches my skin tone very well, but yes I mostly purchased because of the beautiful rose design...

Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer (Bronzer) $12.99

I have seen sooo many people raving about this bronzer over in the US so I have been itching to try it for so long now. When my sister and I saw it in Walmart we got so excited, bought it and couldn't wait to try it out! Now I understand why so many people love this product! The buttery formula blends ridiculously well and melts into your skin leaving a beautiful bronzed glow. It also leaves my skin feeling moisturised - which from a bronzer is super weird but absolutely amazing! The bronzer also has a sweet almost cocoa butter scent, and it's completely paraben free, oil free, dermatologist approved, gluten free and cruelty free!

Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder (Blossom Glow) $4.99

This highlighter was another product that my sister and I had seen that is really popular in the US. The pigment is AMAZING, and it's at such a cheap price too! I loved the shade Blossom Glow as it seemed super glowy but also not too unnatural for day to day makeup.

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder (Honey Beige) $5

Yet again another product we'd heard lots about over in the US. We couldn't believe we found it in Walmart for only $5 - was an absolute bargain! If you live in America and don't shop at Walmart for your makeup and beauty, what are you actually doing with your life? Like seriously they have so many really good drugstore products in there that are so budget friendly! Anywayyy this face powder is an amazing quality product. If you can get over the slight tac n powder/granny's laundry smell, the powder leaves your skin feeling matte, soft and silky, as well as still feeling light and keeping your foundation in place - perfect.

Ideally I wanted the translucent face powder, but there was only one of them left so, being the amazing big sister I am ;) I let my little sister have that one, and I settled for the Honey Beige shade. I was worried at first that the Honey Beige would be too dark for me, but it's not too dark at all - although I am still quite tanned from my hols (I haven't lost my tan completely yet...) so I'll see how the shade holds out into Autumn/Winter.

EOS Lip Balm (Passionfruit) $2.90

An amazing lip balm brand that is usually super expensive in the UK (£6.50) for some reason? So when I saw this EOS balm in Walmart for onlu $2.90 I had to cop it. It is so moisturising and the passionfruit scent and taste is delicious! 

The Dollar Store:

I feel like everyone in the world has a 'Poundland' equivalent in their country. We popped into The Dollar Store to mainly purchase some American candy and some other travel essentials, but I spotted these Wet n Wild Brushes...

Wet n Wild Brushes $1.00

For $1 I had to buy and try out these Wet n Wild brushes. APOLOGISES for the state of the powder brush because I'd just used it that morning, just before taking my blog photos (well done lily), for my powder and bronzer... but for $1 these are the best cheap brushes I've ever bought. I still think you can't beat paying for a more expensive brush, as you do pay for quality when it comes to makeup brushes, but a great buy if you're a student like me and on a budget. I purchased the eyeshadow brush and the powder brush.

T J Maxx:

I love a bit of T K Maxx here in the UK, so when I had the chance to look around T J Maxx with my step mum and sister I popped inside to have a look. The beauty section was filled with a selection of branded products at reduced prices, mainly shades or colours that perhaps didn't sell very well originally. Due to that I couldn't really find anything I loved on the makeup sides of things, however on the skincare side I found two items I really wanted to try out!

Charcoal Face Wipes $3.00

Yes pitch black charcoal face wipes are a thing and weirdly I absolutely love them! With detoxifying, purifying and cleansing properties, these face wipes pack more of a punch than other face wipes, and leave my skin feeling extremely clean and refreshed.

TruBeauty Anti-Shine Green Tea Sheet Masks $3.00

I love sheet masks! They are all the pamper of other masks but without the faff of having to scrape off the gunk afterwards. I used two of these masks already, and they leave my skin feeling super clean, plump and matte. I also see a difference in my skin's complexion the day after using them too, I guess as the masks are super hydrating and dry out my oil prone areas.

Orlando International Airport:

Elf Eyeshadow Brushes $2.00

A super last minute beauty purchase haha! I saw these in the newsagents store in Orlando International Airport (so random) when I was waiting for my flight to Philadelphia. I loved the look of them for only $2 and I wanted to try them out. However I think I prefer the quality of the Wet n Wild brushes because they blend makeup out easier, but they apply eyeshadow pretty well.

I hope you've enjoyed reading through my Summer Travels Beauty Haul. Have you tried or heard of any of these products before?


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