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Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino | Arctic Monkeys | 12th September 2018, London

One of the best nights of my life; the chance to see my favourite music artist - Arctic Monkeys. 

Warning I may sound like a massive music geek in this post so apologises...

This year the Arctic Monkeys released their sixth album titled Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. The album has a retro, yet futuristic space age feel, and Alex Turner showcases his musical knowledge further by switching out the guitar for a piano. The album caused a lot of controversy for the change in the Arctic Monkeys' sound, as it is clearly very different from their first albums, however I love it! On first listening I liked it but wasn't sure about a few of the songs, but I think it's one of those albums that needs a few more listens to appreciate and love.

I think it's amazing how diverse their sound can be, and I think it's brilliant when artists experiment more with instruments and sounds instead of churning out the same songs all the time. In addition I think it shows when an artist releases music their passionate about and love, instead of just creating songs to fit demand or what the mainstream prefer. Don't get me wrong my favourite Arctic Monkeys albums are still Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not and Favourite Worst Nightmare because the songs on them albums are just elite, but I'm pretty sure I could listen to Alex Turner's voice doing any sound or genre tbh.

My Top Three Songs from Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino 

1. Four out of Five
2. Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino
3. One Point Perspective

So if you haven't listened to the album yet, I would highly recommend giving it a listen.

Sooo anyway following from their release of Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino, the Arctic Monkeys have been touring and I was lucky enough to be able to see them live in the O2 Arena, London, on 12th September 2018.

I had seen the Arctic Monkeys once before when I was 16 with my Dad in Finsbury Park on their AM tour. They were incredible and still one of the best artists I've ever seen live, and so I couldn't wait to see them again after 4 years...

I headed up to the O2 with my Dad. I was so happy to spend the experience with my Dad, as we both absolutely love music, and the Arctic Monkeys are one of both of our favourite artists. The support band was The Lemon Twigs. I'd never heard of them before so I gave them a listen before the night, but let's just say they're not really a bit of me... so we headed up a little later.

We headed to the Merchandise Store first before heading into the venue (standard). I'd seen on Instagram that the Arctic Monkeys created limited edition designed posters for each of their tour nights. The designs were so unique and this design in particular had a retro, back to the future-esque feel and I really wanted to treat myself. So I purchased it and I love it so much, and my Dad bought a t-shirt. You can check out the design of the poster here.

Had a few drinks in All Bar One and then it was time to head into the arena.

If anyone else got Arctic Monkeys ( or tried to) then you'll understand the struggle, and they sold out pretty much immediately. We weren't able to get standing tickets sadly, but the seating tickets we got were amazing as we had a brilliant view.

Wednesday 12th September 2018, The O2 Arena, London

Star Treatment


Snap Out Of It

Crying Lightning

Teddy Picker


Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

Do Me A Favour

Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair

The View From The Afternoon

One Point Perspective


Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?

Knee Socks

Science Fiction

Do I Wanna Know

Pretty Visitors

Four Out of Five

I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor


R U Mine?

What a setlist! Honestly in my opinion an amazing mix of all of their albums. It's interesting because their early music is a lot different to their new stuff, but the songs from Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino were weaved in perfectly and sounded amazing live. 

Alex Turner is a genius. His voice, and the way he is on stage is captivating. His stage presence is amazing, and his weird and funny moments show his character and personality through his song writing and performing too. Matt Helders, Jamie Cook and Nick O'Malley all sounded amazing live too, and the energy and atmosphere was incredible.

What a night!


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