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Boundary Festival | 29th September 2018, Brighton

Last Saturday I went to Boundary Festival...

I had been looking forward to Boundary Festival for absolutely ages. As I travelled quite a lot this summer I wasn't able to go to any festivals, and to be honest I didn't really have the funds... I bought my ticket for the festival months before on it's second release date and so it was pretty cheap (£20), and I couldn't wait to go!

As many of you may know already, I live in Brighton whilst I'm at university. Boundary Festival is held in Stanmer Park, Brighton literally a 5 minute from my uni. So the festival was about a 20 minute bus ride from my house! It's the first time I've been to a festival so near to me tbh as usually I'd have to travel into London or camp over somewhere so it was quite a weird experience! A few of my home friends came down for the weekend, and after getting ready and some pre drinks we headed to the festival...

It was super easy to get to the festival. One bus for about 20 mins (if that), and the bus stop was pretty much straight outside the event. We had headed up slightly later in the day at about 5.30pm because there weren't any other acts we were particularly interested in seeing until later on in the day. When we arrived there wasn't a queue at all which was fab, and we walked straight in and Stefflon Don was on first.

Her set was really good. I completely forgot how many songs she actually features on haha!

After Stefflon Don we headed to the bar and DNB tent until it was time for Kurupt FM. Of course as per the drinks were really pricey; but I guess that's what you expect at a festival right?

It was time for Kurupt FM. I am a massive fan of Kurupt FM and the series People Just Do Nothing so I was excited to finally see them live. Their set was soooo good! So much old school garage music as well as their songs from The Lost Tape. Kurupt FM are soo funny too and so their set was easily the highlight of my day!

After Kurupt FM was Gorgon City. I've seen Gorgon City before earlier on in the year at O2 Brixton Academy and they were incredible so I couldn't wait to see them again. But tbh I was quite disappointed with their set. They only really did three songs that I knew and the rest was just mostly sounds...

The headliner for Boundary Festival this year was DJ EZ. His set was so good! He is such an amazing DJ and I was so happy to see him live. His DJ mix was filled with so many genres of music, and I was also so lucky to get to the very front row too!

Such an amazing day and it finished with a Deliveroo pizza.


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