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How to Plan a Perfect Celebration | AD

Have you got a celebration coming up that you're planning for? 

A lot goes into making an occasion look effortless and making sure that your guests have a great time - and whether it's a birthday or something like an engagement, anniversary or baby shower - the perfect party definitely takes forward thinking and a few special touches to really bring it to life. 

The Guest List

All good party planning needs to start with an idea of the numbers that will be invited. From that starting point flows the venue, food and drinks, activities and all the rest of the planning. So the first step is drawing up a list of everyone you'd like to come. Start planning well in advance so there is enough time to notify people and book in any suppliers you may need, such as hiring a catering firm. This is especially important around busy times such as Christmas which is coming up very fast! Aim for a balance - invite as many guests as you wish but keep your catering budget in mind.

The Perfect Venue

Once you have the idea of numbers, you can start to find a venue. Choose one that is appropriate for the type of celebrations you're planning - for example, a nice local hotel may be ideal for a baby shower or engagement party, but not so good for a kids birthday party. You also need a venue that can accommodate the right number of guests. If you are planning to celebrate at home, start to think about equipment you may need - perhaps extra chairs or a gazebo if you are planning to be outdoors. If you're planning a bonfire night party, do you need fireworks and a patio heater to keep guests warm when they're outside? Make sure there are enough plates and glasses - for special occasions you can hire them or use disposable paper ones.

Food and Drink

 What you choose to serve to eat and drink is very important when planning a party, and it's a great chance to be creative. Let your good choices be informed by the time of day you are hosting your celebration. In the late afternoon people may just expect snacks and nibbles, and the same after 9pm. But if you are hosting something from 5pm ish you should provide a more substantial amount as it spans dinner time for most people. If budget is an issue, stick to times when you can just serve small plates of snacks, or some cupcakes. Find a guide to party serving amounts online to work out the quantities you everything you will need, especially if you haven't hosted a celebration before.

The Final Touches

Decorations are a really nice way to give a sense of occasion. They can be a simple display of scented candles, or go all out with banners, balloons or flowers. Find a pre-mixed party playlist or pull together your own to set the mood. And don't forget to set aside time to find the perfect gift for the person you are celebrating - there are some great gift ideas at Cuckooland. Then relax, run yourself a scented bubble bath and get ready to host your special occasion.



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