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5 Ways to Personalise Gifts on a Budget | AD

With Christmas fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about those Christmas gifts...

Personalised gifts always add that extra special touch. You don't have to spend a huge amount of money to personalise a gift. Here are just a few ideas for those on a budget.


Photographs are a great way of sharing memories. Rather than just popping a photograph in a frame, consider other ways of using photos. There are companies that sell premium phone cases that can have custom photos printed on them. Alternatively, you could put a photo onto a mug or keyring. You could even find ways of using multiple photographs such as creating a poster collage or putting together a photo album - these could be specific to a holiday, an event or perhaps a whole friendship in photos, but ultimately these showcase lots of thought and effort which is lovely.

A Personalised Message

You may be able to get a personalised message etched into an item such as a phone case or a necklace. This could have more impact than a message in a card, however adding a little message card to a bouquet of flowers can completely transform the gift. There are also many other ways of adding personal messages to items. You could print a personal message onto an item of clothing or even use icing on a chocolate plaque to write a personal message.


Another idea could be to buy bespoke clothing made to their measurements and preferences. Whilst suits and shoes can be expensive, it's possible to find some more affordable clothes. You could try monogramming a scarf or customising a baseball cap design. Bespoke clothing may require knowing their measurements so bear this in mind, but it's a lovely way to make a super unique gift. 


You may also be able to find small gifts that relate to a person's hobbies or interests. Keen hobbyists are likely to have all the tools and equipment they need already to make sure you know what they have first before buying them any specific items for their hobby or interest. You could perhaps buy small non-practical items. For example, if somebody loves golf, you could consider buying them golf club cufflinks or a golf ball keyring. In some cases you could combine two interests. For example if you're Uncle Stephen is a huge cat and baking fanatic, you could buy him a cat-themed apron or cat-themed baking gloves.


If you're lucky enough to have the skills and patience, you could always handcraft a gift yourself. This could be anything from homemade bakes, jewellery or a t-shirt. Putting your time and effort into making it will make the gift all the more appreciated. Even if you don't have any craft skills you may still be able to find ways of customising a gift such as creating a hamper with handpicked foods or beauty products, or creating a scrapbook full of memories. Make sure that you start crafting these gifts long in advance so that they're finished by the time the special occasion has come round. 



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