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Gift Idea: Self-Care Box

Self-care is a movement that is everywhere at the moment, and this blog post is going to share a little special gift idea.

When it comes to gifting there are the usual gifts like socks and bath items. And, while those things will definitely get used, it's nice to give a person something a little bit more special and you can still give the wow factor on a budget.

Why not put together a range of things your friend will love, that you show care without breaking the bank. A handmade self-care box can give the gift a personal feel and shows that you've put time and effort into the presents which means a lot to someone.

You can create a really gorgeous personalised gift. Head out to thrift stores to search for a suitably sized box. You could also decorate a shoe box, or use a box you already have? Wicker baskets also work really well. 

Start thinking about the things they love. Do they enjoy facemasks? Is so, pick up a selection that do different things. One for rejuvenation, one for breakouts as well as one simply for relaxation. You can also tailor make the skincare products you choose to match their skin type for example hydrating masks for dry skin or mattifying masks for oily skin. For relaxation, coconut or lavender scents are great for soothing scents.

For a bit of sparkle you could throw in some glitter, or add some stackable rings, or buy piercings online like new earrings or other piercings if they have them. It's nice to put something in the box that can be kept long after the face masks have been worn, and the tasty treats have been eaten.

Is your friend a book lover? You could add a book that you've read recently that great, or a book you know they've been talking about and would love to try. 

A candle is the ultimate self-care component, and it such a lovely gift to add into the box too.

It's a nice idea to add notes or small messages in the box too. You can use the online program Canva to create small designs and beautifully designed notes and messages that would look great in the box.

Tasty treats are always a great addition to a self-care box. Chocolates always tend to be the go-to-treat, but you could also add some delicious, nutritious sweet treats such as granola bars and protein balls. I think another great idea to add to a self-care box is to add some fresh fruit teas, chai latte or a creamy hot chocolate (with marshmallows too of course). You could also a cute personalised mug too.

You could also add a notebook and pen. Give them a place to write down anything that they would like. Journaling helps million of people around the world find a creative outlet as it can be very therapeutic. 

Whether it's for drawing, writing down stresses or worries, or just lists - it's a lovely thing to add to a little self-care box.



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