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Ideas to Improve Your University Experience | AD

University is such an amazing experience. It's the perfect transition to give you independence but not entirely get thrown into getting a job and buying a house etc. I've met so many new people and learnt so many new things already.

Here are just a few ideas to really make the most out of your University experience. 

Make Use of the Less Restrictive Time

Compared to school or Sixth Form, the contact hours you have in lectures and seminars are minimal. Yes this means that most of the time the studying is up to you basically consisting of reading, writing essays and doing more reading, but we also have a lot of 'free-time'. It's a great chance to do lots of new things to for example joining a society, days out into town, eating at new places, going for nights out during the week or even more unique things like being in a TV audience something that you can find out.

Plan Your Study

Of course sadly you have to study at University, and in fact it's pretty much essential to do well at your degree, and as most of us have paid super high tuition fees we definitely need to focus on work.

One way to do this is to build a structure into each of your days and approach studying as you would a job as it's easy to fall into bad habits and spend hours and hours watching episodes of The Office on repeat. 

It's important to learn the content of your studies, but it's also crucial to know how to write including how to structure essays, construct a coherent agreement and check for quality issues and grammar too to achieve the top grades.

There is plenty of help available on University websites or with your lecturers or seminar tutors, or you can use an independent service to help you with this; something  that you can find out. The better you get at writing, the easier the academic side of things will be. You will also find that writing essays and coursework will be more simple and you will be able to bang out work a lot quicker. 

It's important to find a balance between studying and going out in order to fully enjoy the University experience.

Be Ready for Each Term

As the University year is split into three terms it's important to be prepared for each term. This means ensuring that you know what your modules are going to be, and coursework and exam deadlines etc. It's also important to make sure you have all your things packed and ready to bring with you each term - jumpers, blankets and fluffy socks are essentials now its so cold.

Something that can really help with this is to get organised as possible reading your possessions.and keep things that you aren't taking stored neatly in your room at home. Writing lists of everything you will need to bring with you each term!



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