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Stylist Live 2018

Stylist Live - The Festival of Inspiration! A day filled with all things beauty, fashion, health, food, empowering experts and comedy...

I had an amazing day at Stylist Live last Saturday. I bought my sister (Nancy) and I tickets for her birthday last month, and we were super excited to go as we'd never been before. We headed up to Kensington Olympia pretty early and arrived at the event at around 11am... and we didn't leave until 6pm! 

The day was packed with sooo many things to see and do, and we had so much fun. I've decided to share with you in this blog post what we got up to, as well as some of my favourite brands that we talked to and learnt about. I'm also going to share with you later on this week a Stylist Live Haul as I gifted some things and treated myself to some stuff whilst I was there - so much for saving money :/

Talks and Shows

Stylist Catwalk with BaByliss and Nars

An event taking main stage was the Stylist Catwalk. A fashion runway that showcased some of the best trends for a/w 2018. A fashion edit that had been created by the Stylist Team that featured trends such as 'Leopard Lover', 'Under Cover' and 'This Old Thing'. Each outfit was styled with some of the Stylist Team's favourite fashion items available on the high street right now.

All of the model's hair had been styled by BaByliss and all the makeup looks had been done by Nars.

shout out to the lady picking her nose in the background

Is there a Culture of Kindness? By Katie Piper

During Stylist Live there is a full schedule of talks and workshops available for you too attend, and a real mix of topics and subjects - something for everyone to enjoy. My sister and I decided to go to the 'Is there a Culture of Kindness? Talk with Katie Piper.

Katie Piper is such an inspirational, and down-to-earth and friendly woman that has bundles and bundles of advice. I was so happy to meet her and to sit in on a really interesting discussion about kindness in the workplace and self-care. Her advice is very natural and relatable to everyday life, nothing too flouncy or unachievable.



Aussie is a well-known Australian haircare brand, and probably their most popular products are their deep conditioning products that aim to transform your hair. At Stylist Live we were given the chance to smell Aussie's New Scent-Sational Mists that last 48 hours! They smelt incredible. Aussie also offered us some delicious berry mocktails too.

bare Minerals

An amazing make-up and skincare company known for creating products that allow you to create a natural, fresh and glowing look - helping us to all look naturally beautiful I guess! bare Minerals were offering makeovers, and showcased their popular products at Stylist Live this year. Nancy and I loved hearing about their new and popular products, and were given the Skinlongevity Vital Power Serum to try that promises healthy, glowing skin.


Featured in the centre of Stylist Live was Birchbox's pop-up stand that had a huge fruit machine wheel that we could play for a chance to win some beauty prizes. The prizes ranged from £5 off of a Birchbox online to beauty products samples, and then to the star prize that was the Limited Edition Disney Nutcracker Birchbox.

Whilst queuing up for quite a while Nancy and I talked about how we're usually really unlucky and how we're going to win a discount code that we'll never use. We watched as people either won or lost, and then it was soon our turn. Nancy went first and won £5 off of an online order, she turned to me and tried not to laugh - just as we thought - then it was my turn. I pressed the big red button and I won the star prize! I actually couldn't believe it, I'm usually the unluckiest person ever haha.

As I said the star prize was a Limited Edition Disney Nutcracker Birchbox. The box was filled with amazing goodies (but I won't tell you what was inside as I have a blog post coming out dedicated to this special box so stay tuned for that...). My sister's face when I won was too funny, but as the very kind sister I am, I let her pick one of the products to have from my box.


Caudalie is a skincare brand that I've used several times before and I love. All their products are made from grapes and grapevines, and they're so fresh. Caudalie were offering in depth skin consultations at Stylist Live this year. Nervously Nancy and I queued up dreading the results from an in depth scan of our skin.

The consultation was so interesting as the skin scanner identified different focus areas such as hydration level, number of pores, number of wrinkles etc. I was very happy to hear that on all the focus areas I had very good results, except for one focus area. The skin expert said to me that I had a high amount of sun damage and exposure on my skin, and advised that I should wear SPF every single day - something that I have certainly started to do now. We were also advised on some Caudalie products to add into our skincare routine.

Coco Roses Apparel

A brand I had never heard of or seen before - but I now love! Launched recently in 2016, Coco Roses is a brand that aims to sell clothes to women to make them feel good and to inspire them too. Their designs are simple, unique and fun, and their summer collection can be bought on ASOS marketplace.


Upon arrival we were handed a free Gordon's Pink Gin to enjoy. I'm not a gin drinker at all and have only ever tried it once or twice before, but it was the first time I'd tasted pink gin. The taste wasn't too sweet and was very crisp and refreshing. Gordon's were also selling some delicious looking cocktails to enjoy in their gin garden including their new low alcohol flavour.


Throughout the convention there were brands offering hair styling. After walking around all the pop-ups, Nancy and I decided to head to Headmasters to have our hair styled there. Headmasters were offering complimentary hair braids and curling, and after the trauma of being turned into an egg with really tight braids at the Soap & Glory event a few months ago, I opted for a head of loose curls. I must admit the queue for the hair styling was very long, and after being on our feet for hours, the queue seemed to go on for forever and ever, but it was finally our turn. I love having my hair done, and everyone at headmasters were amazing at styling hair -  and were super lovely too!

Oh K!

Oh K! is a Korean skincare brand that specialises in innovative skincare masks. At Stylist Live the brand were handing out their Gold Dust Eye Masks, and were also launching their new product which is their Firming Teck Neck Targed Mask! However I bought two of their other products on offer that I'll talk about in my Stylist Live Haul later this week.


Palmer's creates beautiful body care products made from cocoa butter and coconut oil. Their pop-up at Stylist Live this year included complimentary hand and arm massages as well as braid bar (flashbacks again to Soap & Glory egg head...).


Pukka is a brand generally known for their delicious teas, but at Stylist Live this year they were showcasing their New Turmeric Latte. On first taste I definitely tasted a hint of pilau rice haha, but as I drank more it tasted like a delicious and smooth chai latte! I couldn't believe how delicious it was.

Real Techniques

Real Techniques were showcasing all of their popular make-up brushes and tools, and were also offering us a chance to win some beauty products or sweets. We had to spin a wheel of fortune, but unfortunately both Nancy and I didn't win anything.

Spectrum Collections

Spectrum's colourful, fun, vegan and cruelty-free make-up brushes were all on display at Stylist Live. The products were being sold for discounted prices, and Nancy and I treated ourselves to one of the gorgeous brush collections (to be revealed in the Stylist Live haul later this week).


The at-home, in the shower, spa experience. You can read my blog post dedicated to Shobu here.

Farmer's Market

Bad Brownie

Some of the most delicious brownies I've ever seen, and with some delicious and unique flavours like Oreo, Jaffa Cake, Bakewell and Peanut Butter decorated in sauces and edible glitter. Bad Brownie showcased a huge tower of Brownies with a competition to guess how many brownies there were on the tower!


Bol has created some delicious salad combinations that are tasty, refreshing, super healthy and 100% plant based! We were given the choice of three of their recipes to sample. I tasted their mediterranean salad and it was delicious!

Coconut Collaborative

Coconut Collaborative creates dairy-free yogurt, desserts and ice creams made from coconut milk. You can read my previous blog post dedicated to Coconut Collaborative here.

Heck Food

Heck has created low calorie and gluten-free sausages, meatballs and more recently burgers. I buy Heck sausages several times a month on my food shops because I think they're delicious and are lower in calories. It was the first time I had tried their burgers at Stylist Live, and they were amazing! Heck also do meat-free options.

Kalosa Spritz

Kalosa Spritz has produced light, all-natural, and low-calorie alcoholic beverages with flavours such as Pink Grapefruit with Cranberries & Vodka and Elderflower & Gin. They taste so sweet, zingy and refreshing!

Lyon's Coffee

You've heard of tea bags right? What about Lyon's coffee bags?

Mallow & Marsh

I had tried Mallow & Marsh marshmallows before Stylist Live and I love them! The gourmet marshmallows taste amazing, particularly the ones with a chocolate coating - definitely try the raspberry and dark chocolate marshmallow bar. All the bars and squares have no artificial colours of flavorings.

Pop Chips

Pop Chips are a lighter and healthier alternative to normal crisps as they are popped not fried. All the crisps are gluten-free, nut-free and vegetarian. They come in 10 delicious flavours, and all servings are under 100 calories.

Simplee Aloe

Simplee Aloe produce all-natural aloe juices, waters, supplements and coconut water. You can read my post dedicated to Simplee Aloe here.

Overall I had an incredible day at Stylist Live. So many amazing brands, fun beauty treatments, interesting shows and inspiring talks. There were hundreds more amazing companies showcased at the show so for more information on Stylist Live, you can check out their website here.

We finished the night off with a standard Nando's.

As I've said too many times in this blog post already, keep an eye out for the Stylist Live Haul later this week!

Until next year...


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