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Do You Need Simplicity? | AD

Our lives are complex. Day to day we'll be running from one task to another responsibility to the next duty. Sometimes we just need to simplify.

What does this mean? Cutting all responsibilities and tasks arbitrarily from your lifestyle? Not at all. All of us have busy schedules for a reason, and that's often because we're trying to better ourselves in some way from day to day. In fact, we should celebrate ourselves for this, as working hard is an admirable virtue.

However, in the interest of self-care, cutting through all of the rubbish and trying our best to flourish can help us to no end. This post will share some advice to help you to refresh your hectic life.

Keepings Things Trim

When starting your day, it's good to cut unnecessary waste of time. For example it could be drinking less on nights out during the week to prevent hangovers the morning after, helping your day to be more productive and dynamic. It could be that heading to a CBD superstore while making efforts to quit smoking can help you switch out one relaxing vice for more of a healthy supplementation, to receive a better effect but also save you money and give you more time in the day.  

Quality Over Quantity

It can be that cutting out the quantity of a certain life category in favour of quality can help you simplify your life, and focus on that which actually matters. For could be that only spending time with the quality people in your friends list can prevent you from wasting time with those who don't care for you. Find the quality in life, and cut out the lip service or difficulty over time. 

Giving Your All To 3 Things

Being a master of all trades is impossible. We all have to prioritise and specialise. You might decide to focus on working hard at your job, becoming a good blogger because it's what you love to do, and becoming great at cycling because you want to take care of your health. Giving your all to just three things is better than giving 15% of your effort to many different things, as progress comes more quickly this way, and in the end can be much more fun than the alternatives.

With this advice you could live a simpler life.



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