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I Asked 50 People What Their Favourite Thing About Christmas Is...

So I decided this Christmas to ask 50 people on Instagram what their favourite thing about Christmas is. Christmas is such an amazing time of the year, and there are so many different things to love over the festive weeks. I thought it would be a lovely idea to ask lots of different bloggers, and members of my family, what their favourite part of Christmas is, to hear what makes everyone happy at this time of year, and to get everyone in the Christmassy spirit.

Thank you to everyone that sent in their responses. I loved reading all of them and I hope that you enjoy reading them too! These responses are from lot's of different people, however most of these responses are from amazing bloggers so make sure you check out their blogs, and also feel free to leave your response to the question in the comments of this post below because I'd love to hear your answer to the question...

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

"My favourite thing about Christmas is waking up in the morning and listening to the exact same album, it brings back the same memories every Christmas Day!"

"My favourite part of Christmas is by far the food! Roast potatoes, stuffing, pigs in blankets, all the desserts... all of it! Christmas Dinner really is the best meal of the day!"

"My favourite thing about Christmas is spending time with my family and giving THEM the gifts. It's the most lovely feeling watching them open something they love, especially when it's sentimental or really thought through (like mine tend to be because I just love it). Then it has to be eating the christmas lunch - the one day it's socially acceptable to eat as much as you possibly can!! Yorkshire puddings & roast potatoes😻 😻 😻 "

"I think my favourite thing about Christmas is decorating the tree while singing and dancing to Christmas music."

"My favourite thing about Christmas is that all of my family from my home country (Colombia) skype each other whilst we put on Christmas parties on the same day and time hahaha. Sounds weird but it's sweet."

6 Year Old Sister

"Grandad being with family, Daddy as well as Gran having everyone at her house."


"My favourite thing about Christmas is giving. I absolutely love to give presents, cards and chocolates in the festive season. Wrapping them up and being able to give someone a surprise or something they love makes me really happy."

"For me, I just totally adore the build up to the big day. I love walking around and seeing the festive lights, there being Christmas tunes blaring, the smell of roasted nuts and baubles galore! Also everyone just seems happy. I also love that everyone comes together as a community and there's so many events. I've been to so many local Christmas markets and craft fairs. It's so great because I've been to small businesses that I probably wouldn't have normally!"

"My favourite thing is probably spending time with family, eating lovely food and giving/receiving gifts. I also adore visiting Christmas markets and how relaxing it is sitting down watching a Christmas film with the tree lights onπŸŽ„❤️."


"Spending time with family."

"My favourite thing about Christmas is spending time with my family and friends. I know it sounds clichΓ© but my late mother was a huge fan of Christmas and as a child it would be the one time of year everyone would really talk about her , and those conversations were some of the happiest times in my life. Now a mother myself, just being fully in the moment with my children simply spending time together means so much to me❤️."

"My favourite thing about Christmas is getting to spend lots of time with my family, and seeing family that I don't see that often."

"My favourite thing about Christmas is that everyone gives a little more. It is something we should do all yeah round I know, but when the festive season hits, in between of Christmas parties and mulled wine, we spare a thought for others. Whether that is a thoughtful gift for a loved one to show them how much we appreciate them or something for someone who may not have very much, it's a special feeling in the air around December. We think of others more than we think of ourselves. The best thing for me is that it is a season of giving."


"My favourite thing about Christmas is getting together as a family. My family all have very busy lives so it's the one time we get together and have a relax, a laugh and a lot of food!❤️


"My favourite thing about Christmas is the happiness that it brings out in everyone - you get together with people you may not often see and it brings joy and warmth to my heart! There's something really special about sharing festive joy and food with family and friends."


"My favourite thing is the build up. The excitement and all the festivities before."


"Getting presents."


"My favourite thing about Christmas is spending it with family and friends, and just the atmosphere around Christmas is so lovely, full of joy and happiness for many!"


"My favourite thing about Christmas is definitely all the family time and spending time with the people you love πŸ’•also the food is pretty incredibleπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ and that everyone is in such a great mood!"

"My favourite thing about Christmas is that everyone makes an effort with one another. It really is a time where everyone in your life comes together for the season and takes the time to be with one another. Not to mention everyone just seems to be a little more cheerful and friendly. It really does bring out the best in everyoneπŸ’•"


"The birth of Jesus and the family celebrating together. What could be better. LOVE!❤️"


"I'd have to say my favourite thing about Christmas is definitely sitting around with my family. I think just being with all your family is enough to make the day very special! Then when you get to watch them open their presents and their eyes light up, it gives you such a good feeling! For me, I don't think there is anything better than spending time with the people you love. Everyone's Christmas is different, what they do, what they eat, and even when they wake up, so I think everyone has their own special something for this day of the year!"

"My favourite thing about Christmas is the energy of the holiday season itself. I find everyone getting together is always such a lovely time - being around the people you love most and watching the joy in their faces that everyone is together is priceless. It's amazing to be able to show people how much you appreciate them with the gifts you buy, because it's the only time of the year that will happen simultaneously!"

14 Year Old Sister

"Presents...hahaha joking the dinner."

"My favourite thing about Christmas is spending time with loved ones. It's that time of year where everyone comes together as one big family. For me, I feel like Christmas is all about who is around the tree rather than what's underneath"

"My favourite thing about Christmas is celebrating the build up to Christmas with friends and family as well as watching all the cosy festive films!xx"

"I think my favourite thing about Christmas is reflecting on the year I've had, how grateful I am and what I want from the following year!"


"Boxing Day with my family😘"

"Meeting up with all the friends I haven't seen in ages."


"My favourite thing about Christmas is just spending time with my loved ones... and then it's getting all those presents."

"I think my favourite thing about Christmas has to be that everyone takes time out to see family and friends! Plus these visits are always accompanied by amazing food, I'm a sucker for party nibbles;)!x"

"It has to be the food😍"

"My favourite thing about Christmas is catching up with old friends and seeing all my family :) xxx"

"My favourite thing is driving around and seeing all the lights on the houses! That or Baileys hahah..."

"My favourite thing about Christmas is Christmas Eve... I love the excitement! The build-up to the big day is always the best bit."


"Spending time with family and loved ones."

"I believe my favourite thing about Christmas is opening the doors of the living room and seeing all the presents in the morning and then the family sat eating Christmas dinner in the evening. They both are special moments in the day."

"My favourite thing about Christmas is the comfort of seeing the happiness and smiles that this time of the year brings xx"


"I love making people happy. I'm a beauty therapist so making sure everyone feels and looks their best on Christmas Day is so important to me. I absolutely love Christmas music, love a good boogie!"

"My favourite thing about Christmas is being with family, from my parents and sister to the extended family too. The whole Christmas period is such a great time to spend proper quality time together without other distractions. I live in Barcelona so coming home for Christmas in the UK is extra special and I appreciate moments with the family even more."

"My favourite thing about Christmas now is getting to come back home and seeing all my friends and family."

"When I think of Christmas my heart fills with warmth and an almost childlike sense of excitement. As a kid I was in awe of the new shiny toys I'd get to play with, the copious amount of roast potatoes I'd get to eat (nothing has changed there haha) and getting away with anything simply because it was Christmas. Now as an adult? Seeing the joy of others when they open something that they've wanted for months, getting to spend time with family members and loved ones, the excitement of seeing the Christmas lights go up on the high street, the first tolls of wrapping paper going up on the shelves and thinking of how the hell you're gonna get all the decorations down from the loft again. Christmas to me just makes my heart and soul happy. There isn't a definitive way to describe it."


"My favourite thing about Christmas is the joy it brings to myself and everyone around. Walking through the city during December is beautiful and the little bit of magic in the air is always so special. Also my dog Abbi is like a little kid at Christmas, she gets so excited running around and showing us all her new toys, so even though there aren't any little kids in my family she always brings the childhood excitement back to the max. It really is the most wonderful time of year."


"My favourite thing about Christmas is the time with family, especially now I'm away at University. Everyone being together and just chatting/playing games the whole day has created some of my favourite family memories ever!! Also the music is the best!


"My absolute favourite thing about Christmas is giving gifts to all the people I love!!"

"So my favourite thing about Christmas is spending time together with the family, watching Christmas movies and eating mince pies with the tree lights twinkling in the background and candles flickering!"


"My favourite thing about Christmas is being surrounded by people that I love. Whether that's friends or family, the memories that are created tend to last a lot longer than just a day! (Also my mum and auntie's Christmas dinner is to die for haha)"


"Twinkly lights and hygge."

"So for me, I love dressing up warm in December, and heading out to do Christmas shopping, visiting Christmas Markets and events like Winter Wonderland to celebrate Christmas with all the twinkly lights, enjoying some festive drinks and treats, and listening to music with my friends and family."

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas however you are celebrating it!

Merry Christmas



  1. This is literally so cute!! I can't believe I've just seen it. I hope you had a wonderful christmas x

    1. Thank you! I hope you had a lovely Christmas too, and happy new year! x

  2. I've seen this pretty late by I love it! Thank you for including me and I hope you have a lush Christmas and New Year! xx

    1. Thank you so much for your response, I hope you had a lovely Christmas too! x


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