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5 Things I Love #1

I'm going to talk about a bunch of random items I'm loving atm.

"The Fyre Festival was billed as a luxury music festival on a posh private island, but it failed spectacularly in the hands of a cocky entrepreneur."

If you haven't watched this documentary on Netflix then I would definitely recommend it!! I couldn't believe I hadn't heard about The Fyre Festival before because the whole situation is crazyyyy, and the fact that the event actually took place is ridiculous. The documentary, for me, highlights the impact that marketing, celebrity endorsement and social media can have on consumer behaviour. As a marketing student I find it so interesting that the power of an high expense and well-created marketing campaign can persuade hundreds of people to purchase VERY expensive tickets to an event in the middle of a remote island knowing no information about.

Image Source: HeyUGuys

I told you this was going to a bit of a random mix, next I'm talking about a mug haha. This mug is so pretty though and I love the slogan. It's so cute and it's just a little reminder to just keep going through times when you're feeling down or stressed. Coco Roses is a brand I came across when attending Stylist Live last year. The brand is all about positivity and femininity and I love it! I met the owners of the business who were so lovely and their designs are so cute.

I received this lip mask in my recent Glossybox and I loved it. After the horribly cold weather we've had recently it was an absolute saviour. The mask enhanced my lips and made them feel super moisturised, plump and contoured. The mask also includes antioxidants to improve your skin's health.

I've had these sandals in my wish list on ASOS for agesss wanting to purchase them for a holiday or for summer but after a while I thought oh fuck it. I bought them in case they sold out before summer and so I wouldn't miss out. I love the embroidered pattern on the front and the lace up detail. I think these will look so cute with a plain black summer dress.

Of course you've heard of Lily Allen. The music artist has expressed several times her upset for how she's been portrayed in the media and press, and how a version of herself has been created. Her book is exactly what it says on the tin "My Thoughts Exactly". Lily reveals information on topics such as the music industry, mental health, drug abuse, the tragic death of her son and childhood insecurities. The book is raw but also holds humorous moments. 


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