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Cocktails at Bill's

For my best friend's 20th birthday we celebrated with a meal and cocktails at Bill's.

I love Bill's. The restaurant chain is located all across the UK. I have been to Bill's several times before and every time I've been I have loved it! The meals are always so fresh and delicious, and their menu is filled with pub classics and other unique dishes too. 

However in this post I'm going to be talking about cocktails because who doesn't love a cocktail right?

Bill's has got a full cocktail menu that isn't filled with the usual cocktails such as Woo Woo or Sex On The Beach, instead the cocktail menu is filled with fresh British flavours.

During the evening I tried 3 of the several cocktails on offer by Bill's, and 1 mocktail...

Raspberry & Rosehip Collins £7.95

"Beefeater London dry gin, raspberry & rosehip infusion, pink grapefruit cordial, Bill's Pink Lemonade, raspberries"

My favourite of the cocktails, this beautiful pink drink tasted sweet and delicious.

Bramble Mojito £7.25

"Havana Club 3 yr rum, blackberry puree, fresh mint, vanilla, lime juice, topped with soda water"

The strongest of the cocktails, but the rum flavour tasted so delicious and fresh from the mint and lime flavours.

English Country Garden £6.95

"Bill's elderflower gin aperitif, wild Sussex elderflower cordial, lime juice, topped with cloudy apple juice"

This cocktail was so delicious. It was refreshing, fruity and had floral tones.

Watermelon & Raspberry Cooler £3.95

"Watermelon, orange, lemon & lime juice, Bill's pink lemonade"

A delicious, sweet, citrus and refreshing juice drink.

The service in Bill's was amazing! The staff were so lovely and friendly, and as it was Hannah's birthday they brought out her dessert with a candle and a small gift of Bill's Milk Chocolate all wrapped up which I thought was so sweet.



  1. You can't beat a good cocktail. The ones you had sound so yummy, definitely something I would try.
    I haven't been in Bill's for ages, I remember the last time I kept knocking my chair over because it had my shopping hanging from it! 🙈 Deffo wasn't the cocktails I was sampling 😉

    Aimsy xoxo

    1. I totally agree! Hahaha oh nooo - but shopping and cocktails, what an amazing combo! xx


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