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Loves Company Cocktail Bar

Looking for a beautiful cocktail bar with reasonable prices in London?
Loves Company is a hidden gem found in Shoreditch.

So tomorrow is my 20th birthday and to celebrate I wanted to go to somewhere in London cocktails. However when it comes to drinks (in particular cocktails) London's prices can be crazy, so I was on the hunt for a cocktail bar that looked cute and served delicious cocktails at an affordable price!

Loves Company is located just outside of Old Street tube station in Shoreditch.

The bar's interior is so cute; filled with twinkly lights, plants, neon signs, and loads of other weird and wonderful items.

Upstairs is a cute lounge bar with tables and stalls for people to drink at, and downstairs is another room with a bar covered in twinkly lights.

Loves Company provides a range of cocktails that are really delicious! My friend and I had the 'Loves Company Mojito' (basically a strawberry mojito) that tasted amazing, and my others friends chose Pornstar Martinis and Cosmopolitans. The rest of my friends had beers the whole night and, due to Happy Hour running from 8pm to 10pm, the prices were decent. Cocktails were 2 for £15 and beers were 3 for £10. Other deals included 2 mixers for £12.

The music upstairs was a range of hip hop and R&B as well as a few cheesy tunes. I know that Loves Company also hold themed nights for other music tastes which is something you could look at on their Facebook page.

Last night was a Tuesday, and every Tuesday night Loves Company hosts a comedy evening in the downstairs bar. The tickets are only £3 or £5 with a beer, however I won't be going back for another comedy night at Loves Company as I wasn't really impressed... Usually I laugh at pretty much anything or anyone tbh; I love all types of comedy, but last night I hardly laughed at all. I don't know if it was the intimacy of the tiny audience or the lack of organisation, but the comedians just weren't very funny and I found the evening quite awkward...

But I would love to return to Loves Company again for a normal evening with just cocktails and music, as the place is fun and vibrant with great deals on drinks and a friendly atmosphere! The d├ęcor inside is perfect for photos, and the music is great too. So I would definitely recommend for you to give it a try but perhaps just skip it on a Tuesday...

(Apologises for the lack of photos in this blog post but because the comedy was so intimate it would've been too awkward to whack out my phone to take photos...)


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