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You're Drying Your Hair Wrong | AD

In this blog post I am going to share some advice on how to dry your hair so that your strands are protected and healthy. I am also sharing a portable hair dryer, Panasonic are changing the game with!

I uploaded a blog post titled 'Perfume, You're Doing It All Wrong' which a lot of you seemed to love, so I hope you enjoy the advice in this blog post too.

So drying your hair is pretty simple right? Well yeah it's super easy to do but with some tips and tricks you can ensure that you're hair will remain in amazing, healthy condition. 

Hair Drying Tips & Tricks

1. But First, Towel Dry

Don't go straight to the heat. Towel drying is super important to take care of your hair. However there is a technique that ensures your not breaking your strands. Scrunch your hair with your towel instead of rubbing your hair. Rubbing may damage and weaken your hair consequently causing more split ends and fly-aways and frizziness! I also read a while ago to use a cotton t-shirt rather than a towel?

2. Say Hello To A Comb

A comb can become your best friend! 

Wet hair + Comb =  Smooth, Tangle-free and Undamaged Hair

A brush can be too tough on wet hair and can tear and damage the hair follicles. I love to use my Tangle Teaser on my hair once I have come out of the shower as it keeps my hair straight, knot-free but it's kind to the strands.

3. A High Quality Hair Dryer

It is so important to look after your locks as at the end of the day your hair is a huge part of your appearance and identity. Investing in a brilliant quality hair dryer will ensure that your hair will stay in amazing condition and so ultimately less trips to the hairdressers needed, less money spent on hair masks and miracle treatments, and of course no more super short cuts because of split or damaged hair ends!

Panasonic have invented a new portable hair dryer using nanoe technology that is incredible! It's called the Nanoe Ion Hair Dryer. It's innovative technology promises an amazing blow dry as it aims to reduce frizz, add volume, reduce damage, create visibly glossy hair, and help the hair to retain moisture. 

4. Low and Steady

It is recommended to use a low setting on your hair dryer. Yes it does take longer, but it means that there will be less heat damaging your hair. It is also recommended to dry your hair in sections and keep the hair dryer about 15cm from your head. It is also a good idea to use the narrow nozzle for your hair dryer (if you have one)!

5. Be Completely Dry

Sometimes we are in a rush and leave our hair just half dried or still a bit damp, but if you can it's a great idea to ensure your hair is completely dry before leaving the house. It has been proven that hair loses strength when it is wet. Weather can cause your hair to become frizzy and dry, and pollution particles can damage your hair further too.



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