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Natural & Vegan Beauty Products Workshop | Midas Touch Crafts

I spent my Sunday creating beautiful, vegan beauty products, including a plumping lip balm, a leave-in conditioner, a lip scrub, an anti-cellulite body scrub and a body butter, with my mum and sister thanks to Midas Touch Crafts

My mum is a Groupon addict. She is literally obsessed. Massages, workshops, eating out, cocktails, cinema nights, health plans, products for the home, hairdressers, nails - you name it - she's bought it from Groupon. Groupon has so many amazing deals for experiences and products and I think my mum has converted me to become obsessed too. Also I'd like to add this is not a sponsored post at all, what with the new sponsored post guidelines and all... I just really like Groupon haha. 

Anyway a while back for my sister Nancy's birthday, my mum treated her to tickets for a Natural Beauty Products Workshop with Midas Touch Crafts from Groupon. As I was home for the weekend from University, I tagged along too and I was so happy I did. 

Midas Touch Crafts describes themselves as...

"...combining the fun of crafting with mindfulness and socializing - the difference that difference makes..."

The workshop is available to attend in several locations including Southwark, Hampstead and Beckenham (London). Midas Touch Crafts is a non-profit organisation, and the price of the workshops are so affordable and brilliant value for money. The money you spend on the tickets goes towards the resources and ingredients needed, and the rest goes to charity. Naz Midas is the owner of Midas Touch Crafts. She is so fun, bubbly and full of knowledge which makes the class so enjoyable. 

We arrived 5 minutes early for the workshop and were welcomed into the hall. Tables and chairs were set up with all the ingredients and products we needed, and we sat down and met some others who were seated at our table. The workshops are a lovely way to meet and socialise with new people. 

After an introductory talk we were told to help ourselves to coffee, tea, biscuits, fruit, chocolate and Krispy Kreme doughnuts provided at the side of the hall, and all proceeds go to charity. We grabbed a coffee and some fruit, and we were ready to get crafting. 

Naz spoke to us about the importance of natural products, and each ingredient's benefits and uses was discussed. This was so interesting to hear and I was blown away by how some simple, everyday, ingredients can be used to make amazing natural beauty products. 

The first product we made was a plumping lip balm. We were given a choice on how we wanted the balm to turn out. Whether we wanted to add certain ingredients to make a shiny or matte balm, or even add some ingredients to give the balm a plumping quality. I decided to use ground cacao nibs as my flavouring and coconut oil - so ultimately I created a bounty flavoured lip balm. The wax used was Soya Wax which holds fragrance and flavour incredibly well - it's natural and has a smooth consistency too. Overall my lip balm came out so well - I was so happy. The lip balm tastes amazing and feels incredibly moisturising, plus I can feel the plumping quality!

The next product we made was a lip scrub. To pair up with the previous lip balm I had made, I used ground cacao nibs as my flavouring. 

We also made a leave-in conditioner, a body butter and an anti-cellulite body scrub.

All of the products came out so well, I was so impressed. Clearly Naz's expertise, knowledge and recipes are well put together and are so easy to understand and follow.

After the workshop we were able to take all of our products that we'd made home to use and enjoy. Naz also ensured an email was sent out containing all of the information we'd heard during the day, plus some extra beauty product recipes to try at home.

After the workshop, my sister, mum and I walked around Borough Market and London Bridge for a while. We had lunch in Nando's (standard) and had a look in a few shops before coming home.

I had such a lovely Sunday and I would certainly recommend for anyone to have a go at one of the Midas Touch Crafts Workshops. There are so many different workshops available, and I would love to complete another one soon.


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