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You don't have to have reached a certain age to create a bucket list, in fact if you haven't settled down into a job you love or have a family to keep you static, then now is great time to start ticking things off that list.

Whatever you've written on there we'd take a bet that travel is one of those things that features high up that list. You could go anywhere in the world, so where should you start? Obviously, you'll begin by reviewing some of the travel experiences and recommendations of your favourite lifestyle bloggers but after that, the world's your oyster. If you're determined to see a little more of the world but aren't sure where to begin, we have a guide to get you going. 

Cast your mind back to your school days. Were you one of those lucky students that got to go on a school trip to Russia or skiing in the French Alps? How about revisiting one of those countries and see how much has changed or how your skiing has improved? If the cold and snow of these two destinations doesn't appeal, then consider starting your global odyssey in somewhere like South East Asia. Starting in Singapore and then heading off out to places like Bangkok in Thailand, Hanoi in Vietnam and the beautiful Melaka in Malaysia.

Head South

With Singapore as your half way point you can then continue onwards to the Southern Hemisphere and hang out in Australia and New Zealand for a while, picking up a car and travelling across country. At the point, if your finances are running a bit low, you'll be able to find some work fruit picking or other jobs that are open to travellers visiting the country.

Once you're fully saved up, it's time to say goodbye to Australia and head back to Europe via a stopover in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Where to start om Europe? How about at the top and work down? Start with the stunningly beautiful Norway and then decide whether you want to head into central countries or explore the likes of the Ukraine and Belarus. Heading down through Denmark and into Germany, spend a few days in Berlin visiting the amazing museums before heading into France to soak up some Parisian culture and of course take a trip to The Louvre, Champs Elysee and stunning Eiffel Tower.

Make Italy your next stop. This stunning country varies in character from region to region. Work your way to Florence for the architecture and art, and then back up the east coast and hop on a ferry over to the Croatia peninsula. 

If you're running out of time, zig-zag over to Spain and spend a day or two in Madrid before you decide to press on towards Morocco or spend a few more days in neighbouring Portugal. 

Opting for Morocco you'll love the buzz and feel of the markets and the people and enjoy soaking up the culture of this North African city. If you can tear yourself away, then make your next stop Eygpt. Though so many of the artefacts have been lost or robbed in recent years, you'll still be able to take a tour around the Valley of The Kings and be wowed by the powerful River Nile and ancient city of Alexandria.

Why not make the last leg of your tour one to remember with some pampering, shopping and luxury courtesy of Dubai? Head over to this city in the sand for malls, the world's tallest building and all the beaches and sea you could want.

Check into one of the exquisite hotels and take in some of the breath-taking cultural events and shows that Dubai has to offer its tourists.

Then maybe, just maybe, it's time to head home. What a few months you've had and squeezed in so much. From the place where the ancient rulers of Egypt were buried to the amazing street food culture of Jonker Street in Melaka, you've seen it and done it all.

That bucket list has taken a serious beating but there's plenty more to see and do. It's time to get planning again and figure out what's next. Will it be another world tour or was there a country you fell in love with and would love to go back and work in? Perhaps it's time to settle down and get a pet, whatever you do next, make it amazing and don't let anything hold you back.



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